Monday, July 13, 2015


This was a rainy week with no electricity! the lightning struck right out my window and shook the entire house!!!!!! I jumped out of my chair and feared for my life! And soon realized that the chances of being hit by lightning was unlikely. The electricity in the house was out all week, making it impossible to see at night. we bought candles to be able to see. it was fun to do things the old fashioned way. 

I got a high fever of 102 this week and went to the hospital twice but im good now and nothing bad ending up happening other than a couple days without work.

One night we wanted to relax so we all got together and put a chair in the middle, and took turns, one elder would use the little head massager while the other would be giving a shoulder massage and the other would tell a story and the rest would make sound effects. it was so silly and fun and relaxing, it brought be back to the old days with jessica, grant and sabrina when we would do silly things like that too. 

One RM came with us to a visit and he was so bold and confident, he was smiling and laughing and just being a loving guy, he invited our investigator to be baptized and he easily accepted, that changed my perspective a lot and now I want to be more animated to help people to accept this restored gospel.

I know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that the Book of Mormon was given to us to help us accept the Gospel so that we can do the ordinances of the priesthood and be raised up to the eternities with our families to live in a rest of love and joy forever!

Elder Hilton

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  1. animated--that should be an easy task for you... I want you to know that I slept in your bed this past weekend. Your mattress is as hard as a rock....but being in your room was special, so many great memories of your athleticism...