Monday, February 29, 2016

New Comp, Same Area

This week was a week of miracles. I don't know why or how but I feel very humbled and grateful for the many miracles I witnessed this week. We had three big ones in just one day. 

One Hermana got an answer about the Book of Mormon and shes going to change her church. 
One Hermana and Hermano decided that they want to get married and baptized!!!
And one Hermana had a bunch of doubts but during the last prayer, she just started crying and we had another confirmation about the truthfulness of the message in that moment. 

I love this work and I love the opportunity I have to act as an instrument in the Lords hands.

My new comp is from Brazil!!!! Its going to be AWESOME cuz my cousin Mckay got his mission call to Brazil! So Im going to learn Portuguese in order to be able to talk to him afterwards! 

Im really excited for this week and Ill have a lot to tell you all about it cuz we have a lot of big goals and plans :D love you all!
Elder Hilton

Monday, February 22, 2016

A week of laziness

Well the elections were this week and in La Paz people died so we had to stay inside for 3 days straight. AGAIN!!! hahaha. But it was good. I rededicated myself this week. I knew that my current potential wasn't being reached due to my lack of commitment to the Lord. People are so real, and I know that if I do what they want me to do they'll be happy, and if I don't they,ll be upset. 

But the Lord, we don't see him. We have to exercise faith in order to do what pleases him before our own will. But I recommitted to serving him with diligence, Helping other missionaries patiently, studying with desire, developing my talents, and enduring with grit. I know that this new personal commitment will help me to do what I know is right and not what others tell me is right. I had been studying Isaiah and I was able to understand a lot of it.

Nephi said that in these days, we would be able to understand the words of Isaiah. and its true! With a diligent study and a prayer, you guys can understand it,. Read 1st and 2nd Nephi, focusing on the parts from Isaiah and you'll find some amazing mysteries that will help you understand what is to come before the second coming of Christ and you'll learn of the promises that the Lord made to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. Its incredible. 

We did a little barbecue in the house this week haha! it was awesome...

This dude taught me how to weld! It was sooo cool. Maybe Ill get a job from it after haha

Monday, February 1, 2016

A week of potential energy!

We have about 9 families progressing towards their baptism and were doing all we can to help them! I feel like at least 4 of them are really going to pregress towards a true conversion by the end of February! :D I feel blessed and special to have an area with people that have been prepared to hear the message of the restaration. 

This weekend we arent going to be able to leave the house for 4 days because of carnaval. Its a party that everyone does on the streets where they fill balloons of paint and throw them at everyone. So we just stay inside to avoid it. Because of that we might write this saturday instead of next monday.

Heres a pic of me on top of this water tower looking out over the border of my area. SO pretty

I bought these cool hats, ties and belts. Heres some pics.

I love the gospel. The Book of Mormon is such an incredible blessing. Read 3 Nephi 9-28 and youll also realize the power of the book. I love being able to bless peoples lives with the stories in this book. Im super grateful towards Nephi, and all the profets who have sacrificed so much to make it possible for us. And these men have left this legacy. They have helped us to know of Christ. Now I want to leave a mark. I want to do all I can to help people know of Christ. Ill do it by sharing this book with as many people as I can. I invite you guys to do the same :D 
Elder Hilton