Saturday, December 3, 2016

Always Be a Missionary

If everyone could be reconciled with God through the atonement of Christ, we would all be filled with such great joy.

I´ve been converted into a permanent missionary and I´ll always invite people to listen to the missionaries. 

I´ll surround myself with people, envirments, music and influences that allow me to continue to live in rightousness even though I might continue to make mistakes as I have done for 20 years. 

I love you guys, I´ll see you soon. I´ll be in church on the 18th to see you all :)

Elder Hilton

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Last Week of Full Work

I can say that the base of my conversion are the personal experiences I've had feeling God´s love, knowing that I´m his son. A special one. And reading the Book of Mormon and learning so much. Feeling hunger and thirst to know more and understand. The experiences I've felt the presence of God in the temple and in other holy places. 

I love being a missionary and I´ll always be one. I´ll do all I can to keep this fire alive, driving me to do all a missionary does. The best thing we can do as missionaries is find investigators, help the members to be good friends with them and teach them every day. Be constant with them. When that situation happens, many people come to be converted in the gospel. Its always been a gospel of love and friendship. We need others to live it. Especially at first. In order to feel the Savior´s love, a lot of times we need to feel it through other people. Through our love, service and diligence with others. My area is pretty good. I haven't had time to go to it a lot this week but there's a PF family and the daughter is going to be baptized on the 3rd! I´m really happy for this awesome family. I know it was their time to come back. 

This is going to be my last full week of work. Next Saturday will be the 3rd. The new missionaries come on the 6th, the missionaries that go home will be coming to the city on the 7th, my Dad gets here the 8th and the 9th all the missionaries in my group go home and I have to be closely involved in all of those activities, leaving me no time to work in my area. I have to give it my all this week! Every day as my last. I love this work and the gospel. I know that God´s plan will be fulfilled in all who are faithful. I love Christ and his perfect atonement made to redeem us from death and suffering. The Book of Mormon is the source of this knowledge which brings so much joy to me. 

Love you guys.
Elder Hilton

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Determining Factor

There´s only 3 weeks left of full proselyting (the fourth week we have transfers and in the offices there´s absolutely no time to proselyte in this last week) so if our investigators go to church tomorrow, there's a possibility of them getting baptized in my time left on the mission. If they don't come to church, my goal will be to prepare more people to come in order for the next missionaries that will replace me to baptize them. If they do come to church, my goal will be to prepare them for baptism. We´ll see what happens.

 I´m starting to understand the great importance of this work. Its completing many promises that the Lord has made with lots of old prophets. Enos, Mormon, Moroni, Jacob and many more. They all had faith and prayed that the Lamanites be restored and repent and now its happening.

This week me and my comp went on a 3 day long trip to Beni. There´s three cities in Beni. Trinidad, Riberalta and Guayaramerín. We went to all three so we have 3 pictures getting out of the planes of all three places.

In one of the pictures the little girl in the back posed hahahahaha

Love you guys!

Saturday, November 5, 2016


When thinking upon the spiritual events that have occurred during the course of my youth, I feel peace, joy and virtue. I desire to continue living in such a way that I can always have these feelings with me. I recognize that even one thought, one decision, one desire can strip me of all that makes me happy. I need to be anchored on the source of all virtue, power and protection: my Savior.
Me and my comp with the board of the whole mission behind us

I can feel a difference in my energy level as a missionary in the offices with little time left on the mission. I´m striving even though at times I sense feelings of fatigue. My desire is to teach the gospel in such a way that the people that hear me can understand what they need to do in order to acquire peace in their lives. 

We found a house where 4 sisters live together. Three of them have their husbands. All of them are interested and said that they will go to church. That will determine if there is a possibility of me being present at the time of their baptism or not. I have a lot of hope for them to get to that point conversion during my last few weeks here.

Love you guys,

Elder Hilton

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A week of administration

It hurts to have to neglect my area for a whole week, but this week, we had to completely focus on the administration in the offices. It´s always like that every transfer. I have goals and plans and desires for my area but a lot of the time there's no time to get them done. 

This week we received the new missionaries (6 north americans, one from Chile, one from Peru, a sister from Brazil and a sister from panamá)

Taking the missionaries that ended their missions to the airport was a preview of whats going to happen to my group in one more transfer. We had some problems with the overweight luggage of one elder and I got a little stressed out. It kind of ruined the moment of saying goodbye to him due to my stress and worries. 

I´m really happy about my mission and I hope that many more miracles occur before I end.  Thanks for all your support and love, I know I´ll continue to receive it when I get home.


Elder Hilton

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ask for miracles

I told my comp several times this week ¨I´m so trunky¨ 
But in the weekly planning inventory he told me that I´m not trunky because I still haven´t lost my vision of the work or my diligence.

That´s what I´m going to work at, not losing my diligence or my vision of my goals. I was going through my journal of all the mission and the most exiting stories that there are have to do with praying for miracles. 

Several times in the mission I've been able to pray for a miracle and promise that I´d write it down. In the night I've been able to think about the day and recognize several miracles. Big and small.
I did so once more yesterday with my companion Elder Valencia (From Perú) and something happened that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the prayer of faith. We now have several investigators that are going to come to church and one with a baptismal date.

My biggest goal for the rest of the mission is to baptize 3 families. I really hope it happens and know that it can if I work hard each day to gain it. As they said in the conference, we can´t pray to strip someone of their agency, but I can work hard to find the right people, the people that have been prepared, I can pray to be guided to say the right words and be guided by the spirit in word and action. 

I really want to come home with a purified heart. With a new attitude. With a desire to serve in my heart. That's the change I strive to see in myself and in my converts. 

Love you guys. 
See you in 8 weeks. 

Elder Hilton

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our Savior´s Love

I loved General Conference.
I loved how they talked about the Plan of Salvation and how everyone can recognize the truths of it.
It got me excited to talk to people about Christ as is taught in the Book of Mormon.
An apostle once said that due to the restauration, we know more about Jesus Christ than anyone.
David A. Bednar said that we need to know Christ to be saved. 
By reading the book of Mormon, accepting what it teaches and living it, we come to know him perfectly. If we come to know him, we come to know his Father... And this is eternal life: to know the Father. 

The restored gospel makes it possible for us to live all that is required to become like our Savior. 
Jesus Christ once said ´be perfect´ and the testimony that Nefi leaves in the Book of Mormon is that the Lord will not give us any commandments without preparing the way for us to get them done. We have the potential to become even as our Savior.

As we feel his love in our loves and show our love toward him, we become true diciples. We become full of his love and are transformed in sources of his love and help. It is a goal that requires you to leave your comfort. Talk to people you normally wouldn´t talk to, do things you normally would feel uncomfortable doing. But thats the beginning of growth. 

I´m starting to see in my life that my weaknesses are too much and too strong for me to handle on my own. I need to rely on my Savior in order to be strong. We all do.

I love my family and am excited to see them once more. I´m planning a meeting with all my friends that have gone on missions so we can share some experiences and hear eachother talk in our native languages. 

Thanks for you support love and prayers.
With all respect and love
Elder Hilton

Saturday, October 1, 2016

How to Be Busy and Love Others

The administration makes you naturally want to just make everything work out as we have it planned. But a good administrator is one that knows how to adapt to the needs of each individual and deal with it with patience and love. It provides a great opportunity to serve in a loving way. 

Sometimes we plan visits and we can´t get to them because of that. This week an Elder went home early because they discovered cancer in his abdomen, and a sister has an emergency transfer due to asthma. All those types of emergencies are to be delt with as soon as they appear and that makes it hard sometimes to get to the visits.

 But the good part is that we were able to invite some people to the General Conference and theyre going to come. One of our investigators came with us to visit his neighboor. 

My desire is to be completely prepared for a life of service in the gospel with an attitude of patience and love towards others. That´s why I´m grateful for this experience in the offices. It´ll be up to me to take advantage of this experience to learn and grow.

The Book of Mormon is the reason why I´m doing what I´m doing. This book has me convinced of the truthfulness of the existence of God, His Son Jesus Christ, the restoration of the church, and all it entails. 

Love you guys,
Elder Hilton

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Work Hard, Get Up Early, Work Hard, Repeat

One of the things I love but that gets me so tired is being able to get the Elders to the airport. I did it two weeks ago, I did it last week and I'm going to do it this week. A lot of times, Elders go home for health, for passport problems or other issues that aren't related with sins. Its fun to get up early and do these things because no other elder can do so. But at the same time it makes me so tired all day. 
I love working close to the president and learning from him. 
My companion is the secretary of the finances and he has such a big vocabulary (Hes from Peru) so I'm learning a lot more spanish.
Im getting fat because Im eating a ton of burger king hahaha

Love you guys

Elder Hilton

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Secretary of the Mission

They called us for the cambios and we were sure that I was going to stay and that Elder Moreno was going to go. (I had the hope of training a new missionary) but they called and told us that Elder Moreno was going to stay (Hes going to be there for a year) and that I had to come to be the secretary of the mission!

Its been the craziest responsibility ever. We had to take all the missionaries that were going home to the airport to help them to get through all the processing and we were up all night! So I just slept last night after a really long time of no sleep. We got to be present in the last dinner with president and the last testimony meeting with the missionaries that were leaving so it was really special. The food was really good haha! 

I'm going to learn a LOT these last 3 months to be more responsible, more organized and more confident. I have the goal to help at least 2 more families to know the gospel so I´m going to have to learn to balance my time between the office and the field. I'm going to be focused and work as HARD as I can to finish off the mission. Then when I get home, I´m going to keep working hard to prepare myself to create a family. That's the whole purpose of this gospel, to create happy families. That what I hope for. 

Love you guys

Elder Hilton

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Sad Week

I got sad a lot this week. We saw a lot of people reject the gospel or hear slander from other people or get drunk and a lot of other things. There's so much wickedness in this world.

But we did a cool activity of cake. We got the members to deliver cake to their neighbors and invite them to hear us. Were going to do it again this week because a few new people came to church because of it this week and now there's more investigators. And these investigators are different than the ones we find because of the friendship that they have with the members. They feel the support and love of the members and progress a LOT better. 

Here's my home made animal style fries that I made hahaha
For the time I'm going to end with my testimony of the Book of Mormon. Because of this Book I know that Christ is real and that God exists. I know their plan for me and the steps I must take in order to achieve this plan. If it weren't for this book I would probably doubt the very existence of God. There's so many people that doubt the existence of God but if they read the Book of Mormon they wouldn't doubt it. 

Elder Hilton

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Areas Plan

Good afternoon, were the missionaries and were looking for parents.

This week we searched hard to find parents. Were realizing that something happens with frequency. We find a mom and hope to teach her husband later on, but he never has time or doesnt want to learn. Were changing the strategy to get directly to the husband.

I was so proud of one of our converts this week (he is now the ward secretary and has the higher priesthood) when he bore his testimony in sacrament meeting and gave the class in the second hour. Hes so firm and strong in the gospel and out of all of our converts hes one of the most converted. He comes to all the activities and is always willing to come with us on visits. His name is Ronald Lopez.

I loved this sunday a plan that the bishop shared with of from the sano area (sudamerica noroeste) that has to do with three aspects: the youth, self sufficiency, and ordinances. It really inspired me and motivated me to help all the members to understand the plan and take part in it. These plans provide an excellent oportunity to put our will in line with the revelations that our liders recieve for us. That exposes us to a greater influence of the spirit. 

I love this gospel and know that all those who humble themselves before God and desire to be part of his work can see many miracles in their lives. 

Love you guys,
Elder Hilton

Sunday, September 4, 2016

This Life is So Short

If I didn't have the Savior to hold on to, what would I do?

I'm super thankful for the  gospel and the plan of salvation. Without it, I don't know how I would feel.

This week was awesome! We got to go out with a ton of the priesthood leaders and have a lot of lessons with members. 

We found a lot of new families and were excited to help them to know the gospel and help them to take the decision to live according to it. We want to help them to come to church this week. 

Love you guys.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Se Casaron!

This was such a big wedding! They have a funny tradition here where the bride and groom dance in the middle of everyone the waltz and everyone just watches. Everyone's just sitting down watching and then people can come up and dance with the bride or the groom. It was so cool but I would never want to do that cuz I don't like dancing in front of everyone!!! Anyway it was really good to see them get married. It made me feel good inside, like it was something right, something good. So many people here just get together without getting married and have kids and everything.

We didn't get to the expected number of anything this week but I realized that we need to start focusing on the quality of the lessons instead of the number. We went out with some members this week and got into some houses and had at least one quality lesson so I'm excited to keep working this way.

One of the most memorable moments of this week was when I realized that I don't have love for the people like He does and in order for them to feel His love through my words and actions, He´d need to lend me His love. So I've been praying hard to borrow His love this week and I feel like when I talk to people and smile and do all I can to love them, they´re feeling more and more that this love isn't mine. I think that the most important 2 things of this work is that the members can have this kind of love for the investigators and that we can declare the truth with simplicity in order for the spirit to testify of what we say.

Love you guys have an awesome week

Love Elder Hilton

Monday, August 15, 2016

We need more people to teach

Jorge Luis is going to get married this Friday and baptized the next Saturday!

This week we realized that we need more people to come to church.
We need to look for ways to get the people more interested in the message and more willing to recieve us in their house.
I'm determined to work hard each and every day that is left on the mission. I say that mostly because I talked to president this week and he gave me a lot of good advice.

I love the gospel because each time we read the Book of Mormon and the other Scriptures, they make more sense! Its like doing a snowboarding trick after a long time and all of a sudden I can do it perfectly. 

Have a good week!!!!
Elder Hilton

Monday, August 8, 2016

Keep On Striving Excelence

This was the week that we were sure my comp was going to leave here and head out to another area. But to our great surprise, he stayed!!!!! I'm really glad he did because Elder Moreno has been probably the best comp that I have had when it comes to working well as a team. Whenever there's a problem we always try to work it out and it always gets worked out. 

This week we had a lot of high expectations and low results. We were hoping for like 3 or 4 families to come to church and none of them went hahaha! But I´m not going to let that get me down or make me feel like my expectations are too high. I just need to keep striving excelence.

Jorge Luis is going to get married then baptized on the 19th and the 20th! Hes the boyfriend of a member and he has been going to church for almost a year but none of the Elders wanted to teach him or baptize him becuase he lived in another area that didnt belong to the ward. But the mission president came and we talked to him about it and got permission to start teaching him. Hes going to move into the ward boundries soon so theres not going to be any problems. 

I know that its super important to read the Book of Mormon and believe what it teaches. I know that its important to be humble before the Lord and accept his will. I know that its hard to do a lot of the time because of fear, doubt and a lot of other factors, but if we do it, He´ll guide us to a happier life.

Have a good week! :D 

Elder Hilton

Monday, August 1, 2016

You Can´t Get Tired!!!

The more people we invite, the higher chance we have of getting at least someone to come on Sunday! And if someone comes to church, they progress!

We´ve been working hard but the members have been having a lot of trials. People are sick, passing away and it makes it impossible for their ´centro de fortaleza´ to work. We´re seeing the results of NOT using the ¨centros¨ because even though we went over to their house with members and read the Book of Mormon with them, prayed with them and so much more, they didn´t come to church. Its not the same! We need them in order for it to work as it has in the past. But we aren´t going to give up. We´re going to need to do a huge effort to get more member families excited about the work and start up more centros. I feel like that's whats going to bring in the most success. When we have success in the centros, it creates a triangle of blessed and happy people: us, the members and the converts. 

We got to meet the new president! His name is Presidente Cabezas. He is really awesome and has a great vision, new goals and a good attitude that I hope will help our wards and stakes to feel the desire to work side by side with us. We have all day every day to work, and with each member we would only need like an hour each day and we´d have such a great probability of helping a lot of families to receive the gospel. We just need a good attitude, a lot of faith and work! 

Tomorrow we have transfers! I really hope to stay here, but I´m willing to serve wherever it may be. I feel the slight pull to get a little lazy and start falling back into the comfort of mediocrity, but that's not what my spirit desires. I want excellence and that only comes with hard work.

I know that this gospel brings peace, joy and many blessings. 
I know that these blessings are available to all who search diligently in the scriptures and pray with humility and learn to hear the promptings of the spirit. All who have the disire to live a life harmonious with His will, can if they do so.

Thanks for your support, love and prayers

Elder Hilton

Monday, July 25, 2016

Going uphill again!

We were able to find 3 new families that seem like they could progress really fast! We have to hope to help them to accept the gospel in its fullness and change their lifestyle to do so. They've already begun to read the Book of Mormon and find answers to their questions. Some have gone to ward activities and others to church on Sunday. I´m really looking forward to seeing each one of them progress and find more peace in their lives. 
Ronald Lopez has been called as the ward secretary! Máximo blessed the sacrament, and they're both going with the ward high priest to prepare to receive the Melquisedéc priesthood (That's how its spelled in Spanish, I forgot how it is in English). We´ve seen that all the converts have had trials and some are still having trials, but were doing all we can to help them and to get to members excited to help them as well. We´ve seen that they're able to overcome their trials and get pumped to keep living the gospel despite all that happens.

This week I learned in my studies that when someone starts to prosper in their life, they have two options, the options to keep reading and humbling themselves before the Lord and praying with a sincere heart, or get prideful and stop doing those basic things because of the comfort and riches. Sadly, a lot of people take the second decision and something really sad happens: When someone stops reading and praying, the light that allowed them to understand the gospel disappears and they enter into darkness and no longer understand the gospel. That gives room for the enemy to deceive them and make them believe false things about the church, the ordinances and the doctrines. 

These lies drive them away from the truth and pulls them towards the evil. Whats good becomes bad and whats bad becomes good in their eyes and they fall away. That's the saddest thing that can happen. I would hate to have that to happen to anyone. That's why I´ll invite you all to continue reading and praying. Don´t allow your prosperity, comfort and riches keep you from humbling yourselves before the Lord in sincere prayer. I promise that if you keep reading and praying every day, you'll be guided through all the tricks, deceit and lies of the enemy in a straight line to the eternal happiness. 

I love this gospel and know its true, I desire that each family can be united in it and experience the peace and happiness that He can provide. I'm super excited to get back to work to see if these families progress. 

Elder Hilton

Monday, July 18, 2016

Time to Search

This week was a wake up call that we need to start contacting with the members a whole lot more. All the people that got baptized were able to do so due to the support and love of the members. We´ve been doing something called ´centros de fortaleza´ where we contact with the member and if one of their neighbors accepts, we take them to the house of the member and teach them there. They receive the support, testimony and friendship of the member and progress so well. But before we would just do it all by ourselves and it didn't work as well. I know that if we learn to love just as the Savior did, people will feel His love through our words and actions and that's what people need in order to progress in the gospel. This week we´re going to do a huge effort to find new people to teach. I really hope to find another family that can progress and accept the gospel.

Another thing that we need to do with urgently is make sure that the new members are getting the support they need. I hate to see the new members with doubts and difficulties. We havent seen a lot of that yet but I want to do all I can to support them when the hard times come, because they always do, and they are for our good, but its going to be easier if they have the love and support of the members and the ward missionaires.

These wards in Bolivia arent like the wards we have in Idaho. Theres not the same system of callings and order. It exists but they dont put it in practice as much as Ive seen it done over there. Im starting to see more and more that this system of order and callings and stuff exists for a reason and if they were put in practice, I would feel so much better knowing that the members would be recieving the help they need to be retained in the gospel. We cant be saved on our own. We need our Savior Jesus Christ, and we need the other saviors that offer support, help, testimonies, service, etc. We have the potencial to act as intruments in his hands, to act as saviors. 

I love this gospel, I cant wait to put it in practice in my own family, read the Book of Mormon with my own children. This gospel is so important for each and every person, and this is the time to learn it and live it.

Love you guys

Elder Hilton

Monday, July 11, 2016

THE BEST and most tiring week

This week was AWESOME because we did some really cool things to help the converts. We did a dinner with the leaders and the converts and played a game that some girls taught me when I was in college. You put a bunch of funny questions on slips of paper, and you take turns pulling them out and answering them. Questions like If you were an animal, which one would you be? and silly stuff like that. It was a lot of fun and they all loved it. It helped them to get involved in the social life of a member and realize that you can have fun and be a good person. 

I loved seeing the baptism of this family and this young woman. The best part of it all was hearing their testimonies. Maria: the young woman, shared a POWERFUL testimony. She had been studying a TON because her testimony included a lot of segments from the pamphlets we use and she shared a scripture in her testimony as well. The best part of it was when she talked about the Franco family.

 (I don't know if you remember me mentioning the Centros de fortaleza which are the houses of the families that go contacting with us. The Franco family is one of them and we contacted Maria with them and every appointment we had with her was in the Franco family's house, so they helped her a TON) 

She expressed her love and gratitude towards this family and cried. That is the best part of this work for me, The feelings of love that are formed between the converts and the members. My dream is to be in the Celestial Kingdom with these converts and the members that helped us teach them. I understand that in order for that to happen, they need to be faithful until the end, and that's why I'm super anxious for the ward missionaries to start working HARD to keep these converts on the path. Repentance is more than just a change of bad habits, its also a change of social life and starting to do all the things that the prophets teach us to do, the mormon traditions. 

Anyway, I love taking part of this work and seeing so many people change their hearts and feel the joy that comes from living a righteous life.

I love you guys!

Elder Hilton

Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July to all!

This week was a stressful one because me and my companion realized that if we continue to baptized families, even though they're prepared and converted, they aren't going to be retained unless we can help the ward to start working in unity. Because sometime trials come and we have to go and help them and keep them excited to participate in the activities and going to church on Sundays. But if they had more support from the ward, it would be so much better and I would feel a lot calmer when I leave from this area. I wont be thinking I wonder if they're still going to church, I wonder if the members are visiting them etc. So we starting working with the ward missionaries and were going to make a plan of action to have them visit the converts so that we can continue finding families and teaching them. 

The story of the guy in the picture that got baptized by the Bishop is really sad but also really good. His name is Ronald Lopez. He lived with his wife and kids when we found him. We used to teach the entire family. But a little more than a month ago, this marriage was put in jeopardy. She kicked him out and he found a room and rented it. He got permission to live with two of his kids, but the other three live with the mom. We visited both of them but separately. We did all we could to get them back together. But this is more than just a one time thing. Its 15 years of dysfunctional marriage. We were unable to heal the marriage. I'm not saying that they got divorced or that they're going to be divorced. But him and his two kids have progressed and gotten baptized, His wife has had a lot of problems progressing. Its been really sad to see how he has felt and really sad to see this family separate. But at the same time, its been such a miracle to see Ronald change his heart, his habits and his life to accept the gospel and start living the life that God has for him. He´s doing it well and he´s going to be a very powerful influence for the whole ward.

I love the gospel and I'm really grateful to have had parents who have raised me in the gospel. Its the only place with all the correct principles to live a life that pleases God and ensures a future with a fullness of joy in the presence of God. I was also thinking a lot about the resurrection of Christ a lot this week and I know that Christ was resurrected. I appreciate this testimony I've gained because knowing that we will all live again ensures that all the hard work we do as members (we plant the seeds that will be harvested in the next life) will be rewarded. But if I didn't know that we will live again, all the work we do would be in vain. We would be doing so much sacrifice and it would all be wasted. But I know that we will live again. My faith is in Christ and his resurrection. My hope is to have happiness in the eternities with my family in the presence of God.

I love you guys!

Elder Hilton

Monday, June 27, 2016

Una Semana Exelente

Due to all the birthday wishes, my email will be short this week. But thank you all for your love and support towards me. I feel like 20 is such an old age, but I do feel like I've grown a lot. Unlike a lot of other birthdays, I actually feel 20 years old.

I really loved this week. It was full of surprises. The biggest surprise was when the ward was talking about a ward temple trip, then an investigator rose her hand and said that she wanted to go. She said that she wanted to be baptized in order to enter into the temple and go. In order for that to happen, she would need to be baptized and confirmed on a Wednesday and that never happens. So my bishop called the president and asked him. We got the permission so she will be baptized and confirmed on the fifth, and on the sixth shell be heading out to the temple! :D Super exciting stuff.. :)

A few other surprises happened as well that I'll be explaining the next week along with the pictures. 

Love you guys!

Elder Hilton

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father´s Day!

This week was full of trials and miracles for our investigators. One was in a really awesome family we had called the Manjon Aguilera family. They're really awesome and sincere. They progressed really fast and they loved the gospel and were excited for their baptism. But they passed through some really hard trials. They didn't want to receive us or go to church. They stopped reading the Book of Mormon in family. They didn't come to church. 

Manjon Aguilera Family
(the couple on the right with their kids sitting down)

One day they called us and said some good stuff in a really excited tone of voice. We didn't understand like anything but we were walking and we passed by them in the street! They were really happy to see us and I gave Erith a giant hug and Paola also wanted a hug but I just shook her hand hahha. They told us that everything had passed and that they were going to have their sons birthday with all the members that we had introduced to them and they were going around inviting everyone. Erith confessed that he had given into all the people telling him that he was catholic and a lot of other stuff. They want to be baptized as soon as possible. 

Lopez Family

We gave them to date of the 2nd of July. I know that God allows people to go through hard trials in order to strengthen their faith and edify them on his rock. 

I love going out with the families to contact their neighbors. We've been doing it a lot lately and its such a good way to find families and help them to progress well. The members become their friends and their source of support and answers for their trials and questions. I love working with them because we develop such a strong relationship with them and feel such an immense joy together in these families.

Araus Vargas Family
I love this gospel and I hope that in my life, I don't forget the sacrifices put into this restored gospel. These pioneers passed through so many trials to make it possible for us to live this gospel.

Love you guys

Elder Hilton

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Best Two Days of The Best Two Years

We saw the miracle of Julia signing the permission for her daughter to be baptized and that in itself was a great miracle.
I know that the gospel allows us to participate in such a great and sweet joy. This doesn't come from any other source. The best moment this week was hugging Nestor after saying a prayer together thanking God for allowing us to work together for this incredible family.

A long time ago, like 2 months, Nestor Rojas starting his vacation from his work. We came to his house to propose the idea of contacting his neighbors to teach them in his home. We found the Araus Vargas family. Janeth was so prepared but her husband Maximo was tough. He didn't want to take us seriously. But with the help of the local members we were able to arrive to his heart, and he too changed. 

We then found Janeth´s sister Noemí. She was 17 so she needed the permission of her mom to be baptized. She LOVED hearing the gospel. She has read the Book of Mormon every day since the day we met. Sadly, the week of her baptism, we asked her mom for permission and she wouldn't sign, she started yelling bad words and getting really upset that we wanted to change her religion. But a miracle happened the day of the baptism. Noemí´s boyfriend came in from Santa Cruz and talked to her mom. Somehow he got her to sign. Not just that but her heart changed and now she too wants to listen to us and go to church. 

Its been such an incredible journey, and the best part was the night of the baptism in Nestor´s house. We were talking about the first day we met them. It was when he had started his vacation. Now it was the last day of his vacation and they were getting baptized. Nestor is a recent convert so its been something so exciting for all of us. We said a prayer together on our knees thanking God for such a joyful experience, and begging him to prepare more families so they can also participate in the gospel. We then hugged each other and... that moment.. was the most joyful moment of the mission until now. 

The relationship we formed the the Rojas family working together in this work. That's the most joy I've felt on the mission. I know that this is the work of the Lord here on earth. I love the gospel. I hope to be an instrument to help many other families to come to know the gospel.

After their wedding

Maximo and Janeth

On the left is the wife of Nestor, next to her squatting down is Nestor.
In the middle is the crazy mom of Noemí that didn't
 want to sign but her heart changed.
On the right the really tall guy is Noemí´s boyfriend who convinced Julia (Noemí´s mom) to sign.

Elder Moreno on the left, Elvis is the little guy who got baptized (son of Maximo)
and on the very right is Noemí.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The climax of the mission!

Next week youll be seeing pictures of the Araus Vargas family´s baptism! Im really really excited. This week I saw such a huge change in them individually and as a family. They used to have a little bit of tension and theyd argue. But we passed by them this sunday and they were all snuggled up wathing a movie and you could tell that there wasnt any tension. Just harmony and peace in their home. Thats the change the gospel offers to every family willing to live it.

Another incredible family is the Manjón Aguilera family and their story is so incredible. Theyll be getting baptized the 18th of June. So youll be getting pics not this next week but the next. Theyve changed SO much and Ill tell a whole lot more the next week for lack of time.
Id like you guys to consider the following inpression I recieved this week:

If Christ came up to you and invited you to come to his house so he can heal you, would you go? 
A lot of people say yes, but when we invite them to church they say no. 
I know that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and the only way to be healed is to live it.
I invite you to make time for him in your life by reading the Book of Mormon and going to church.

I know this is the restored gospel and that it changes peoples hearts, allowing the family to be healed and united in love and harmony. I feel such great joy by seeing these changes in their lives. im really excited to continue searching familes.

Love you guys

Elder Hilton

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Whole Family :D

This week we have a family of 6 that will be preparing for the interview to be baptized. I'm really excited. Its something exciting because I´ve never helped an entire family into the gospel on my mission. On the 10th they'll be married, the 11th baptized and the 12th confirmed. 

Another reason its been so awesome is because a lot of members have been involved in the learning process. We've seen such a big change of priorities and desires in each family memeber.
They're the Araus Vargas family. Máximo, Janet, Elvis, Maximiliano, Massiel, and Noemí.

(This is the Araus Vargas family. Everyones here except Maximo and Janet)

Another family that went to church this sunday is the Manjon Aguilera family. Theyve been prepared. From the moment we entered into their house, weve seen such a huge change in their lives. Some kind of connection occured in the first visit because theyve just been completely chaning their style of life in order to come to church, visit with us, read the book of mormon and be good people. 

(the President is ending his mission. A new one comes soon.)

From this whole process the thing thats most impacted me is the HUGE difference that the Book of Mormon makes in someones progress. If they read every day, everything goes well when it comes to the spiritual things. But if they dont, they dont find the spirtual strenght they need to overcome the obstacles. 

(This is the Lopez Family. We did a Lego representation of the vision of the tree of life)

I know that this gospel is true and that its what can help us to see the difference between whats right and wrong, and give us the desire and strength to choose whats right. That's what it all comes down to. Whats right and wrong. What helps us progress and what keeps us from progressing. The gospels only purpose is to help us to progress and find an eternal joy. I love it. I know its what each one of us needs in our lives. The only way to know it is to experiment, to try it out. I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon. One chapter a day for a week. I promise that you'll come to know that its good if you do so. 

Elder Hilton

Monday, May 23, 2016

The best week ever!

We've been working with an intense goal to get 30 lessons every week and 12 with member. THis week we lost ourselves in the work so much that we kind of forgot about the goals and at the end of the week we counted up the lessons and we had 38 lessons and 24 with member. It was incredible.

My testimony is that God will put prepared people in the path of those that constantly strive to be obedient and do all they can for the spiritual welfare of his children. We have 2 families with a date to be baptized. One isnt married but on the 10th theyre going to get married and on the 11th of June baptized. His name is Maximo and his wife is Janet. The same one Ive already mencioned. He loved joking around. When we were talking about the wedding he said that we needed to bring 20 bottles to share. Haha so I told him we would bring 20 bottles of sprite. He loves laughing. 

The other family is separated right now. Its the Lopez family. Theyre going to try living together again on the 29th and theyll be getting baptized the 4th of June. Then the sister Carla Vaca has the date of the 11th of June to be baptized. they all have to goal to read the book of mormon every day this week. We promised them that if they did, they would gain the necesary desire to overcome whichever obstacle that comes in their path.

I love this gospel and I know thats its to only thing that can bless families with an eternal happiness. Think about it, what else could offer such a complete Joy. 
Love you guys

Elder Hilton

Monday, May 16, 2016

Three awesome families

We finally got a good amount of investigators in church this week. One of them has two kids that are SO rowdy. They were yelling during the sacrament prayer so we had to get some members to take them to the nursery room and they destroyed all the toys and stuff in there. It was a very stressful experience. I don't know what their mom must have done to get them to be like that. But other than that were really excited for this week because of three families that were teaching.

Family Vaca is a 19 year old girl that wants to go on the mission, and a young couple that don't live together and don't have kids either so were going to help them to decide if they should get married or not yet. 

Family Araus Vargas is Janet who has a super strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and always comes to the actives and to church and her husband Maximo who isn't a member and doesn't really accept the church or the book of mormon yet because we haven't visited with him that much. But last night we went with a member called Martín Fuertes and it helped him SO much. We shared all of lesson one which is about the book of mormon and Joseph Smith. then Martín talked for a while and helped him SO much then invited him to play soccer the next day. 

Family Lopez is a married couple that got separated because of arguments and fights. We've been visiting with them separately but lately we've had 2 visits with them together. Last night we went with the Rojas Family and they helped so much. Sister Lopez opened her heart and told us how she honestly felt. Same with her husband. We have goal for them to be baptized and that same day they're going to live together again and forget everything that happened and leave it in the past and start over again.

I love this work and especially because we get to work with families. Love you guys!

Elder Hilton

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!

We finally saw a little glimpse of the fruit of our labor this sunday when 4 investigators went to church! I'm really excited to help Sister Janet to continue with her desire to help her husband (they're not married yet) to read the Book of Mormon and put aside some time to visit with us. She reads the book every night and prays to know if its true and shes received several answers. When she talks and prays in the lessons you can already tell that shes getting her own testimony and that her desire is increasing a lot. 

Mothers day was awesome, I got to see that my little brother Austin is already as tall as I am and hes only 12!!!! I cant believe how fast time has gone by and that this was my LAST skype call home before I see my family in person! I love my family and I cant wait to sit with them and tell them all my experiences. 

I hope you all have a great week. I challenge each one of you, whether or not you're a member to read the Book of Mormon, one chapter a night, and after reading pray and ask God if the book is true. I promise that if you do so with a sincere heart each night for a week, by the end of the week you wont be able to deny that the book is true. 

Love you guys
Elder Hilton

Monday, April 25, 2016

A great week in the work of the Lord

We had an incredible experience when an investigator told us ¨I would like you to baptize me¨ I know it was a direct result of what the Elder Calderon taught us when he came this wednesday. He taught us that there's power in righteousness and in clarity. We should be 100 percent obedient and we should teach with clarity, only then will our investigators tell us that they want to get baptized without us even inviting them. It actually happened. I attribute it to teaching with clarity, being professional and being righteous.

A funny experience was when a guy that looked a little special needs on the street approached me and shook my hand then hugged me and then grabbed my neck and tried pulling me down to kiss him.... haha it was soooo wierd but I just pushed him away and didnt react. It was a very interesting experience that Ill never forget hahah!

I feel that this week is going to be very successful with these 3 new focuses that were going to take. Were working a lot with the members too. Weve established a relationship with 4 families in particular and were already bringing investigators to their houses several times a week. When the investigators have this kind of system of support from the members, everything is so much better for them to be able to progress. Im excited and Ill be telling you guys how it goes next week.

Love you all
Elder Hilton

Monday, April 4, 2016

So much change!

Well I'm in another area with another comp. Its called Montero. The ward is called estaciòn. I'm with an elder called Elder Moreno. He's from Texas and his ancestors are from Mexico. I'm adapting and getting used to the change, since I'm now in the city and the people are a little hard to connect with. But all in all, I like it. 

The best experience I had was with a guy called Willy. He still hadn't received his answer about the Book of Mormon after 8 months of visiting with the missionaries, so I felt impulsed to pray with him. so we got on our knees with him and had him pray to ask God is the Book of Mormon was true and when he asked, it was a very vague question. He never gave the Lord time to answer during his prayer. He would ask, but then keep talking in his prayer. So after his prayer I explained that it needed to be specific. If he wanted a specific answer, he had to give a specific question and then listen for the answer. He did it but then he just stood up as we were waiting for the answer and he never ended in the name of Jesus Christ. So we came back the next time and tried teaching a little but he just kept changing the subject and dodging the questions. So I felt the need to teach by example. We got on our knees again and I told him to listen to my example, then it would be his turn to do it. So I asked if it was true, then waited 10 seconds of silence, then asked if it Wasn't true and waited 10 seconds. Then I ended in the name of Jesus Christ. He then prayed in the same way, and waited 10 seconds after each one ending in the correct way. At first he said that it was interesting, then he said that he didn't feel anything, then he said that he recognized something he felt. He felt that he needed to change a few things in his life to be more worthy. 

I learned from that experience that we need to learn to recognize the impressions of the spirit. Because they come in a way that is very silent and very special. To your heart, your feelings. We cant see them in visions, or feel them with our hands. They don't shake us or yell at us. We need to search them and feel them in order to recognize them. I love the truth and I know that each of us can find it by praying and feeling. I would like to invite you if you have a doubt or question to be humble enough to search, pray and feel. And I promise that if you do so with faith, and with real intent, you'll receive an impression from God to help you progress.

I loved conference. I didn't recognize anyone that sang in the BYU Idaho choir, but I was searching. I'm definitely going to be part of the choir when I get back. Anyway, love you guys! have an awesome week!

Elder Hilton

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Forget yourself and WORK

This was a week that I wont remember because it went by WAY too fast! We have a family (Familia Paco) that is progressing really well and we have a lot of hope that they can enter into the gospel. They still haven't gotten an answer but they're going to keep reading and coming to church. 

We also met this crazy pastor guy that yells every-time he talks and gives us GIANT hugs every-time we see him and calls us disciples. Haha hes the best. Hes reading the Book of Mormon and is going to pray about it. He went to preach in some other place and will be back in a month or so. We´ll see how it goes with him. 

There's a lady that has recently left from the catholic church and now shes going to the evangelist church and was sure about it, but after hearing lesson one, shes a little confused but also excited to keep visiting and hearing more. I'm really excited for all these awesome people we´re teaching and I know that if I forget myself and lose myself in the work, I'll be so much more happy and I'll receive so many blessings.

I know that the Book of Mormon guides us and keeps us on the strait and narrow path. I know that if we try to be more constant with God, He´ll be more constant with us. I love Him and His work. 

Love you guys
Elder Hilton

Here´s a pic of this morning (Today is Bolivian Father´s Day and we went to the president´s house to make him breakfast)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I love my family

This week Ive been using a picture I put in my scriptures of my family to show my investigators. I feel love for them and Im so thankful that Heavenly Father has put us in families. 

I'm going to be receiving a new area and a new comp on thursday! I realized that when I get put in a new area with new people, its an opportunity to reset and be the person I want to be. I want to be a very polite, friendly person that helps people feel comfortable and loved. I'm going to strive to show a lot of faith and to be really diligent in order to see miracles happen with the people I serve. This sunday we´ll see which investigators I have to see my teaching pool. I feel that the necessary ingredients to help the teaching pool grow and to help each person to progress are love, faith, diligence, hope, and some other things, but mainly love. 

Thanks for all your support. Ill probably be doing a longer one next week. There's a lot of experiences I want you all to hear. Keep in tune and next week Ill be sharing some cool stories. 

Love you guys!
Elder Hilton  
P.S. Tha'ts me in the offices of the mission

Saturday, March 5, 2016

What a Weird Change

We were all in the district meeting and at the very end, the zone leaders said ´All of Paitití needs to stay, we have to say something´ so after everyone left, they told us that there were going to be some changes. Some transfers. Then one by one they told us that we were going to be leaving to Santa Cruz (the city). until they wiped out the entire Paitití area. 

Now were living in the offices with the secretaries. Its such a drastic change and its weird. However, I'm willing to accept change and to continue to work for the Lord in the best way that I can. I will continue trying to be the best I can, and helping people. 

There's not a lot to say, I'm mostly just sad that I'm not going to be the the Brazilian dude, cuz I was going to learn Portuguese to be able to talk to Mckay and Katie, but its ok because I have a testimony that the transfers are inspired, even the emergency ones. 

I love you guys and hope you have an awesome week! write me some letters :P

Elder Hilton

Monday, February 29, 2016

New Comp, Same Area

This week was a week of miracles. I don't know why or how but I feel very humbled and grateful for the many miracles I witnessed this week. We had three big ones in just one day. 

One Hermana got an answer about the Book of Mormon and shes going to change her church. 
One Hermana and Hermano decided that they want to get married and baptized!!!
And one Hermana had a bunch of doubts but during the last prayer, she just started crying and we had another confirmation about the truthfulness of the message in that moment. 

I love this work and I love the opportunity I have to act as an instrument in the Lords hands.

My new comp is from Brazil!!!! Its going to be AWESOME cuz my cousin Mckay got his mission call to Brazil! So Im going to learn Portuguese in order to be able to talk to him afterwards! 

Im really excited for this week and Ill have a lot to tell you all about it cuz we have a lot of big goals and plans :D love you all!
Elder Hilton

Monday, February 22, 2016

A week of laziness

Well the elections were this week and in La Paz people died so we had to stay inside for 3 days straight. AGAIN!!! hahaha. But it was good. I rededicated myself this week. I knew that my current potential wasn't being reached due to my lack of commitment to the Lord. People are so real, and I know that if I do what they want me to do they'll be happy, and if I don't they,ll be upset. 

But the Lord, we don't see him. We have to exercise faith in order to do what pleases him before our own will. But I recommitted to serving him with diligence, Helping other missionaries patiently, studying with desire, developing my talents, and enduring with grit. I know that this new personal commitment will help me to do what I know is right and not what others tell me is right. I had been studying Isaiah and I was able to understand a lot of it.

Nephi said that in these days, we would be able to understand the words of Isaiah. and its true! With a diligent study and a prayer, you guys can understand it,. Read 1st and 2nd Nephi, focusing on the parts from Isaiah and you'll find some amazing mysteries that will help you understand what is to come before the second coming of Christ and you'll learn of the promises that the Lord made to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. Its incredible. 

We did a little barbecue in the house this week haha! it was awesome...

This dude taught me how to weld! It was sooo cool. Maybe Ill get a job from it after haha

Monday, February 1, 2016

A week of potential energy!

We have about 9 families progressing towards their baptism and were doing all we can to help them! I feel like at least 4 of them are really going to pregress towards a true conversion by the end of February! :D I feel blessed and special to have an area with people that have been prepared to hear the message of the restaration. 

This weekend we arent going to be able to leave the house for 4 days because of carnaval. Its a party that everyone does on the streets where they fill balloons of paint and throw them at everyone. So we just stay inside to avoid it. Because of that we might write this saturday instead of next monday.

Heres a pic of me on top of this water tower looking out over the border of my area. SO pretty

I bought these cool hats, ties and belts. Heres some pics.

I love the gospel. The Book of Mormon is such an incredible blessing. Read 3 Nephi 9-28 and youll also realize the power of the book. I love being able to bless peoples lives with the stories in this book. Im super grateful towards Nephi, and all the profets who have sacrificed so much to make it possible for us. And these men have left this legacy. They have helped us to know of Christ. Now I want to leave a mark. I want to do all I can to help people know of Christ. Ill do it by sharing this book with as many people as I can. I invite you guys to do the same :D 
Elder Hilton