Sunday, November 27, 2016

Last Week of Full Work

I can say that the base of my conversion are the personal experiences I've had feeling God´s love, knowing that I´m his son. A special one. And reading the Book of Mormon and learning so much. Feeling hunger and thirst to know more and understand. The experiences I've felt the presence of God in the temple and in other holy places. 

I love being a missionary and I´ll always be one. I´ll do all I can to keep this fire alive, driving me to do all a missionary does. The best thing we can do as missionaries is find investigators, help the members to be good friends with them and teach them every day. Be constant with them. When that situation happens, many people come to be converted in the gospel. Its always been a gospel of love and friendship. We need others to live it. Especially at first. In order to feel the Savior´s love, a lot of times we need to feel it through other people. Through our love, service and diligence with others. My area is pretty good. I haven't had time to go to it a lot this week but there's a PF family and the daughter is going to be baptized on the 3rd! I´m really happy for this awesome family. I know it was their time to come back. 

This is going to be my last full week of work. Next Saturday will be the 3rd. The new missionaries come on the 6th, the missionaries that go home will be coming to the city on the 7th, my Dad gets here the 8th and the 9th all the missionaries in my group go home and I have to be closely involved in all of those activities, leaving me no time to work in my area. I have to give it my all this week! Every day as my last. I love this work and the gospel. I know that God´s plan will be fulfilled in all who are faithful. I love Christ and his perfect atonement made to redeem us from death and suffering. The Book of Mormon is the source of this knowledge which brings so much joy to me. 

Love you guys.
Elder Hilton

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Determining Factor

There´s only 3 weeks left of full proselyting (the fourth week we have transfers and in the offices there´s absolutely no time to proselyte in this last week) so if our investigators go to church tomorrow, there's a possibility of them getting baptized in my time left on the mission. If they don't come to church, my goal will be to prepare more people to come in order for the next missionaries that will replace me to baptize them. If they do come to church, my goal will be to prepare them for baptism. We´ll see what happens.

 I´m starting to understand the great importance of this work. Its completing many promises that the Lord has made with lots of old prophets. Enos, Mormon, Moroni, Jacob and many more. They all had faith and prayed that the Lamanites be restored and repent and now its happening.

This week me and my comp went on a 3 day long trip to Beni. There´s three cities in Beni. Trinidad, Riberalta and Guayaramerín. We went to all three so we have 3 pictures getting out of the planes of all three places.

In one of the pictures the little girl in the back posed hahahahaha

Love you guys!

Saturday, November 5, 2016


When thinking upon the spiritual events that have occurred during the course of my youth, I feel peace, joy and virtue. I desire to continue living in such a way that I can always have these feelings with me. I recognize that even one thought, one decision, one desire can strip me of all that makes me happy. I need to be anchored on the source of all virtue, power and protection: my Savior.
Me and my comp with the board of the whole mission behind us

I can feel a difference in my energy level as a missionary in the offices with little time left on the mission. I´m striving even though at times I sense feelings of fatigue. My desire is to teach the gospel in such a way that the people that hear me can understand what they need to do in order to acquire peace in their lives. 

We found a house where 4 sisters live together. Three of them have their husbands. All of them are interested and said that they will go to church. That will determine if there is a possibility of me being present at the time of their baptism or not. I have a lot of hope for them to get to that point conversion during my last few weeks here.

Love you guys,

Elder Hilton