Monday, March 30, 2015

Este semana

Ok so this week i had a bit of a rough time getting back into the swing of things with my comp coming back from being sick and all that but its so cool cuz my area is like pure in-actives and new people so its super cool cuz we work with the people trying to bring them to church a lot and its fun.

 I love the mission cuz its a challenge and there's so much room to grow and to have fun and to do so many incredible things. There's also room to hate it and to whine but its all dependent on your attitude and your willingness to stay happy and keep working so that's a great lesson for life that we can always whine and do all that and be lazy but also we can have a good attitude and enjoy it  so that's what i love that i'm learning.

And also about the atonement. The atonement is so great its the greatest gift we've ever been given and it came through so much suffering for what he didn't even do. And that's a great lesson for life. We can say all day that we didn't do it so we're not going to fix it or clean it up. But the greatest gift ever was given so willingly and we can do the same. 

Love you all!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Short Update

I've learned something really valuable. That we aren't perfect and that's ok. We will always have the natural man and that means we will always receive trials and temptations. But if were utilizing the atonement and always treasuring up in our minds the words of god and that we're his sons and daughters and that he loves us and he's gonna help and we ask with faith if he can help us he will always help us and be there with us and we can always feel his love and we can show our appreciation for his love atonement and help with keeping the commandments and with helping others and acting on what we learn through the spirit and reading the scriptures. I love you guys!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BOLIVIA ya dude

Hey friends and family!!!!!  I hope you're all doing really good and loving life!!!!!! Here in bolivia we're loving every minute and trying to do all we can to help others! My favorite parts have been finding new people! 

I gave my first priesthood blessing to a person who wasn't a member and that was super cool cuz it was a lot different, it felt really good. Because the priesthood isn't there to bless ourselves, its for other people. And when we serve by using this power for good we are blessed in a different way.

I'm just loving my trainer and everything. I finish my first 6 weeks soon and after that i might switch or stay or whatever but i'm excited for that because i like change haha but time has been flying. its so fun. Its soo cool that all my friends are on their missions! i love that! But yeah i hope you're all doing super great i love you guys ill get back to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Super Bien!

Hola a todos!!!!!! Life's great here in Bolivia! The newest things are that i'm having a member make me scripture case with alligator skin and snake skin its gonna be so cool. I'll take a picture as soon as i get them but also that my investigators menos activos and conversos recientes are doing super good i love teaching because i learn so much every time i teach! sounds silly right? hahaha but ya i learn when i teach cuz the spirit is just so strong. the gift of tounges is someting so real and i learn that more and more every day! 

I might learn a new language soon cuz theres certain areas with different languages its so crazy! but the thing i learned most this week is about the gospel of christ. we have 5 steps in which we find faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost, and endure to the end and what i learned is that were already baptized so we cant do that again but when we sin we have to start from the beginning with faith again and when we repent we have the chance to the the sacrament and then we get the gift of the holy ghost to guide us and help us again.

And we have to do this process over and over with all the principles and commandments and the end is that we can have all the commandments and principles super strong in us and we can live with the holy ghost stronger and stronger. i have a testimony of that. but here in bolivia is super duper fun i'm learning and growing and having experiences i never thought id have hahaha! but im thankful to all my friends and leaders and especially my family because the lord prepared me for my mission. i feel like all that has prepared me and i'm super thankful for that. so thank you to every one of my friends and family and leaders. 

Love you guys! hasta la semana siguiente!!!!!!