Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BOLIVIA ya dude

Hey friends and family!!!!!  I hope you're all doing really good and loving life!!!!!! Here in bolivia we're loving every minute and trying to do all we can to help others! My favorite parts have been finding new people! 

I gave my first priesthood blessing to a person who wasn't a member and that was super cool cuz it was a lot different, it felt really good. Because the priesthood isn't there to bless ourselves, its for other people. And when we serve by using this power for good we are blessed in a different way.

I'm just loving my trainer and everything. I finish my first 6 weeks soon and after that i might switch or stay or whatever but i'm excited for that because i like change haha but time has been flying. its so fun. Its soo cool that all my friends are on their missions! i love that! But yeah i hope you're all doing super great i love you guys ill get back to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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