Monday, June 29, 2015

The BoM

I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that like it says in Moroni, miracles still happen today according to our faith. I had to miracles happen this week and I know its a direct result of the faith I've developed in Christ through the Book of Mormon. 

First, I found a guy that has been receiving the Missionaries for a lot of time and his wife was baptized but he never was. I shared a STRONG testimony of the Book of Mormon. He told me that he felt a hole that he still had in him. I promised him it would be filled through reading and praying the book. 

Then also one of the members has a dad that is a drunk and she lost him. she was crying and she couldn't find him. they had been searching for him but couldn't find him. I said that we were going to pray then search and I testified that if we pray in the name of Christ, with faith that we will receive, we will receive him. 

So we prayed then started searching and in 2 minutes we found him and I know it was a miracle and a direct result of the Book of Mormon and the faith we had in Christ.

I love the mission and I know that any person can find joy through faith in Christ that is developed by reading the Book of Mormon and acting on what is taught in it. I want to invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon. A chapter or more everday for a week and to pray every day trying to apply what you learn. I promise you will see a difference in you life by doing so. 

Love you guys:)

sorry there wasnt a lot of time to send photos or tell you something more interesting haha! 

Elder Hilton

Monday, June 22, 2015

New comp, same area

The work of The Lord is all around the world. 
I realized two things. 
1. you can be on the mission and not serve the lord
2. you can serve the lord and not be on a mission.

Something I read in my study today was that our works in this life will be returned upon our own heads. if we are easy to forgive, god will forgive us easily. If we give 100 percent to the lord, hell give us 100 percent of what he has which is SO much more that what we have. we have a limit but he doesnt. we have a glory unknown to the world. If we sacrifice to the lord all that is from the world to serve him and follow him, We will be given this glory. 

I have a new comp and he has a super firm testimony especially of the family. I love my family and I love seeing the potential that families have God wants to bless them but he only blesses us when were doing what he wants us to do so we know were on the right path. But he blocks our path and sends curses when we arent on his path so we know that were not on his path. Something im learning here is to fear God and not man. Ive seen a lot of blessing from that. We passed a family one time and my comp said Ugh dude i just feared man cuz i wanted to talk to them but i didnt. And i could imagine God telling us to go back. then we went back and met an amazing family. If we have manly fear like of awkwardness, to talk to people, to share the gospel to be embarassed, we wont see blessings from God. But if we fear God and do his will He´ll bless us.

Love you guys!!! Heres a pic of me kissing a parannah

Monday, June 15, 2015


I found Preston Pugmire! hes here on my mission and his spanish is super good already! it was in a multi zone meeting so hes working in the center of the city

This week was super good. I learned a lot about myself. My goals, what expect of myself after the mission and how i want to be on the mission itself. 

we had 3 days of pure success this week and 3 days of pure failure hahah! it taught me a lot about patience and the if were putting our part 100 percent of our effort, and were praying with faith (God always does his part) Then all depends on the decisions of the investigators. I want to become the missionary that always gives 100 percent so I can be sure that I did all I could for these amazing people. 

Here's a pic of my zone and of some other stuff

Love you guys so much!

Elder Hilton

Monday, June 8, 2015

Y Yo os daré exito

The power of prayer is so real

If we suffer our afflictions with patience the Lord will give us success.
The Lord did his part completely now we need to do ours

This week was super fast and super fun. Two of the days we worked harder than ever and we had a lot of visits and the other days we were lazy and we didn't see any success. Put all your diligence and the Lord will give you success 

Love you guys I hope your enjoying the start of you summer!:)

Elder Hilton