Monday, June 22, 2015

New comp, same area

The work of The Lord is all around the world. 
I realized two things. 
1. you can be on the mission and not serve the lord
2. you can serve the lord and not be on a mission.

Something I read in my study today was that our works in this life will be returned upon our own heads. if we are easy to forgive, god will forgive us easily. If we give 100 percent to the lord, hell give us 100 percent of what he has which is SO much more that what we have. we have a limit but he doesnt. we have a glory unknown to the world. If we sacrifice to the lord all that is from the world to serve him and follow him, We will be given this glory. 

I have a new comp and he has a super firm testimony especially of the family. I love my family and I love seeing the potential that families have God wants to bless them but he only blesses us when were doing what he wants us to do so we know were on the right path. But he blocks our path and sends curses when we arent on his path so we know that were not on his path. Something im learning here is to fear God and not man. Ive seen a lot of blessing from that. We passed a family one time and my comp said Ugh dude i just feared man cuz i wanted to talk to them but i didnt. And i could imagine God telling us to go back. then we went back and met an amazing family. If we have manly fear like of awkwardness, to talk to people, to share the gospel to be embarassed, we wont see blessings from God. But if we fear God and do his will He´ll bless us.

Love you guys!!! Heres a pic of me kissing a parannah

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  1. Hope that is not a girl parannah....I'd keep arms length from it anyway....It's pretty ugly.