Monday, December 28, 2015

An Excellent Christmas!

I got to direct to ward choir and teach all the latinos how to sing! 

We lit off these awesome fireworks. 

I got to talk to my family:D

I loved this Christmas and to remember Christ is the most important thing we can do as his people. We are the Lords people and we live up to it when we remember his sacrifice and bring him fruits worthy of repentance.

What are you willing to give him? How are you willing to live for him?  Ask yourself often: What would he have me do?

I love you guys and promise that the blessing come because all of His words are fulfilled.

Elder Hilton

Monday, December 7, 2015

I'm in the Jungle Baby!!!

I took a plane to a far away land called Trinidad. 
I got here and WOW its hot here! There's pure jungle with hundreds of motorcycles all over the streets! There's like NO cars, just motos. We see crazy stuff on the streets like snakes and dead animals with larvae and nasty cool stuff.

My new comp is Loco but hes a great missionary. We get to teach a lot of people because there's a LOT of families here and they're really spread out so when we come they're happy to receive us which is a HUGE change from the city that I love.
They gave me a huge mango called a durazno mango (Peach mango) and wow its soooo yummy!
The people here are really nice and they're pretty receptive to the message of the restoration which makes me really happy and excited to keep sharing the gospel with everyone for the rest of my life.

We have a white night planned for the 9th of January where were going to baptize 3 or 4 families. Its going to be a huge blessing to see peoples lives change thanks to the gospel. I've seen that if I show confidence in the fact that the gospel changes lives and causes happiness, the people are more likely to act on the invitations, but if I'm timid or show doubt, they wont act. I've also seen countless times on the mission and before the mission and in my own life that if we read the book of mormon every day, we´ll never fall away from the truth, but if we stop reading, we will fall and it will be hard to recover. 

I love the gospel, I know that its for everyone. EVERYONE. The Lord doesn't forget about anyone. Well I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Elder Hilton

Monday, November 30, 2015

Ultima Semana en la Ciudad

This week Ill be leaving the city and heading out to a faraway land called Beni. Its a place of poverty with humble people and a lot of dirt in the air. But Im looking forward to meeting the humble people that I feel will be more receptive to the message of the gosple than those here in the city. Ill be the District leader of 8 missionaries. Im not ready or prepared, but Im willing. Thats what will allow me to tap into the power of the atonement so I can be strengthened and perfected as an instrument in the Lord´s hands. 

We knew it would be the last opportunity so we had lunch with the bishop and he had a great time joking around with Elder Valdez (The black one). 

I tasted Mango for the first time here in Bolivia and it is SO delicious. It gets all stuck in your teeth but its sooo yummy. We stuck a straw in the Coco and drank straight out of it and its soo good. The first time ive done anything like that. 

I had a great experience finding people that were prepared this week. I know that the Lord had them prepared because we didnt find them until after we prayed to find someone prepared. Prayer works and God does miracles. So why not tap into that power by following the advice of Nephi in  1 Nephi 15:11? 

This is a message for the fathers: I know that if you make sure that your family gets together to read specifically the Book of Mormon and to pray every night, youll NEVER fall away from the gospel. I also promise that if you stop reading and praying as a family, you and your family will fall into an apostasy. 

I love you guys and I desire the best for each one of you. Every day, we can do whats right, and thats what brings us happiness, is choosing the right in our everyday decisions. If you havent done so, dont get discouraged, rather, trust in Jesus Christ who will forgive you and heal you, then start choosing the right from now on
ELder Hilton

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 9th

This week 

I learned this week that I have a lot of changing to do internally to become the man God has in mind for me. I know that through patience and willingness to follow God and his commands, Ill be able to arrive to that point. The missions worn me out but I'm realizing each day that this is the point when God is going to be able to make big and long lasting changes in me.

I'm doing a lot of ward activities. I realized that if I want to get something done I just need to do it with all confidence and I'll be able to. We did a fireside with activities and not a lot of people came but each time we do one well have more people and eventually people will start to bring their friends and family to get to know the church and I feel that it will be a great way to find new investigators.

I want to be a more consecrated missionary and I know that only one person knows how I can be. God will help me to recognize how I can change to be a better more focused missionary. I'm willing to give up everything. But the only thing I fear is the loss of some friends. I don't want any of you to stop being my friends. I love you guys and you mean so much to me! 

I challenge you all to look up with the word ponderize then do it! :)

Elder Hilton

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Longest Week of My Mission.

I have no idea why but this week lasted FOREVER: I had parasites but I'm better now. It was scary. We carved pumpkins! They don't have that tradition here in south america so the latinos were super surprised when they saw a pumpkin with a face and candles inside. They thought it was like evil or something and thinking about it now, it is a pretty weird thing to do haha!

I learned something really important this week. That we don't LEARN patience or humility or charity. They're gifts that only God can lend to us if we search them and if we let him give us these precious gifts. I felt patient then I got prideful thinking like oh look at me and how patient I am. Then I lost my patience and I realized that they're just gifts.

I have a testimony and a conviction of the fact that Christ has established his church once again on the earth, and for all those that have God as number 1 on their list of priorities (by simply taking care of your family before anything else, completing your calling, being obedient, and taking steps of faith by sacrificing worldly things to follow Christ) God will forgive your sins and you will feel a real peace and hope in this life and you'll have a true faith that after this life, we´ll meet God and be with him. 

I invite you all to read a vision I had that a friend helped me to type up and learn the principles of the gospel from it. I you like it you can share it with anyone and use it to teach the gospel.

Love Elder Hilton

Monday, October 26, 2015

We fall to get back up

I loved an experience I had this week learning how to repent as a missionary. I was getting lazy and focusing more on enjoying than working hard and I lost the spirit. I felt bad after every visit and that night, I realized that it was time to change.

I went through the process of repentance and at the end I said a sincere prayer promising I would be obedient. I felt strengthened and the influence of the spirit again. I know that if we talk to God, He will hear us and if we have faith in Christ, his son, he´ll answer us. And if we listen, We´ll hear him.

Elder Hilton

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mi semana favorita

I've grown in ways that I haven't imagined these last few weeks. God takes us in our weaknesses and trials, and through those that are true, does his work. I love being an instrument in his hands to bring people such a great joy in their lives of the Gospel. 

I've loved my time with Elder Vallejo, and feel like I've matured more in this time than any other time in my life.

This week was great contacting and finding new families that seem like they'll progress. A family came to church. I'm excited to keep working and hopefully set up some baptismal dates.

If God is the person we want to please most in our lives, including ourselves, he´ll always protect and guide us. I know that prayers are answered, maybe not in the way one expects, but in the way God knows will help us most. I know this life is tough, but its SO worth it. 

Elder Hilton

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Be a Man Dude

I felt a little frustrated this week, noticing that a LOT of people don't look beyond the name tag and the dress clothes when we contact them. They tell us they're Catholic or that they're busy before we even get a word. I wanted people to be able to see that the gospel is all they need. But i soon realized that only the Lord can help people see that so all I can do is try and be like Christ, serve people, love people, and live the example. 

My comp is super cool. He was with another Gringo before me that was really strict so hes trying to be more relaxed. I know from my experience in the mission that little mistakes that everyone makes aren't meant to fill us with guilt and remorse. If we let that happen, that's like satan gaining power over our hearts. But if we turn to God in prayer and study and pondering, hell turn our weakness into a strength and we wont have this endless guilt trip from something we cant really control in the long run.

I know that this work is the most important thing we can participate in. Its like thinking about the eternal perspective, we realize that the worldly things don't really matter and that sharing the gospel even if were scared now has so much value in the eternity. 

I love this time to just escape in the service of the Lord to learn and grow. The only thing I would change is my bed. Its so hard and I never get good sleep!!!! haha 

Love you guys I really am excited to tell you all my adventures and share my strengthened testimony with all of you

Elder Hilton

Monday, September 14, 2015

New Comp

SOOO I got a new comp and I'm training for the first time! Hes super humble and has great desires to serve! He looks just like Mckay but the Latino version. hes my first Latino comp. This area is super tough cuz the houses are huge and they have the machines to just answer without coming to the door so they just say they're busy. Were looking for other ways to find investigators to teach. through members, family home evenings, were going to start a class to teach english cuz my comp knows it really well, were searcing ways, help us out with some Ideas!  i have to be honest, in this area the time goes by slower cuz its super strict. My comps old comp had a very strict attitude and never smiled so im trying not to get caught up in that. 

I'm really glad that you're able to handle everything dad and that you're not letting it destroy your faith. Im not letting it bother me or make me homesick or anything. Austin is my best friend so i hope hes doing good. Thats pretty crazy that it all got broken apart. I was reading my patriachle blessing and it describes my future family really well so im excited to form a family on the gospel and not let satan come and tear it apart. Im also excited to hang out with you and play some board game and go on some trips! ill be looking forward to that. Love you dad. Ill be looking forward to you package! Love you

Elder Hilton

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A super short long week

This transfer is filled with incredible memories of like 7 months but I feel like it passed in 3 days. But its really been 6 weeks! 

We have 3 people that are preparing to be baptized! one of them is a Bolivian that lived in America almost his whole life and we teach him in English. This was his first time coming to church and he bore his testimony. He is going to be an incredible missionary. I feel blessed to have been the missionary to teach him. His mom is very hard on him when he has attitude with her and it makes the visits dramatic. But it always ends up working out haha!

I was talking to my comp yesterday and I decided that when I get home I want to sit down with all my aunts and uncles and REALLY get to know them and share my experiences with them. I'm thankful for all you and I want you to know that I also have a testimony of the gospel. But that's in 1 more year haha!

We talk to everyone on the street now which makes the days SO fast cuz we end up getting into a lot more visits and making a lot more friends. I recommend it! Its fun!

I love Christ and I love this gospel.
Love you guys
Elder Hilton

Monday, August 31, 2015


Happy birthday involves eggs and flower and a great time here in south america haha! this family let us get their entire house messy with eggs and flower haha! It was a great time. 

This week I learned a lot about patience. In the gospel context it means to obey and enjoy at the same time. Its a hard task but one thing that has helped me is to not try to control something that is impossible to control. Don't let frantic feelings build up inside you and make you easy to anger. Always be full of love and willing to enjoy moments of mistakes. 

This gospel is true and the message changes lives. The world will be given the chance to accept their savior Jesus Christ and I personally will accept him. Ill give all I am to him. My time, talents, obedience, whatever it takes. LOVE YOU GUYS

funny story: Here in Bolivia there's a tradition that the people kiss each other on the cheek when they see each other. We have an investigator that lived his whole life in america except for two years here in Bolivia. He came to church and he went in to kiss the sister missionary on the cheek and the sister almost kissed him back but right before, she realized and grabbed his shoulder pushed him away and yelled NO hahaha! everyone was embarrassed and red cheeked hahaha! 

Elder Hilton

Monday, August 17, 2015

Increase your personal faith

This week was the best week of my mission until this point. 

I went to the meeting where all the leaders of the mission go to hear president and his latest advice and revelations for the mission. Something he asked us was when is the last time you guys have prayed for a miracle?

This week my prayers have been with more faith and that motivated me to work with extra diligence, obedience and faith. I found success, but more importantly, joy.

I love the work and I'm enjoying every second of it. LOVE YOU GUYS

Elder Hilton

Monday, August 10, 2015

Come to God

In the Book of Mormon, an observation is that the people that come to God are either granted their desires or given trials. Life is the same way. God wants us to be humble before him so he can strengthen us and grant us our desires. 

I love you guys and I´m thankful for your support and I challenge you all to find a way to humble yourself before god this week. I promise that you will be blessed. 

Here's my old investigator that was from texas. haha hes the best. 

Elder Hilton

Monday, August 3, 2015

Lets Contact!

Turns out i'm not in the offices! but i'm in the same ward as the assistants! Here's a pic of my new comp! 

He sings and he just always smiles! it makes working so fun and light!:) The trials of life are overcome through diligent obedience and a good attitude! Then we become stronger and more happy:)

I'm just getting used to this new zone! Everyone here in the city wears like Abercrombie, Hollister and Aeropostale! its like the US 10 years ago haha! If we have the joy of the love of God in our hearts, we will have a great desire to share the Gospel. 

I'm super good! super relaxed and super pumped to invite people to repent and read the book of mormon and be baptized! I got to the city! its a crazy lifestyle here! but im learning a lot! oh and were opening area so its pretty tough cuz were contacting all the time!

The weirdest thing that happened was that when i said bye to my old investigators from the other zone, some cried, some gave me kisses on the cheek, some sang me a song. really sad stuff. 

I had a crazy experience that this one 15 year old went up in testimony meeting to give his testimony with his mom and he just stood by her and had his arm around her and I told him afterwards that hes my hero and he told me that hes like his only support for his mom cuz his dad and brother aren't active. 

So that made me pretty emotional and really motivated. cuz i really think that the whole reason im here is to train to be a missionary for my own family. I really believe that and im willing to do all i can for you guys! love you dad and im always here for you and the fam! 

Love Elder Hilton

Monday, July 20, 2015


This week was fast, so this email will be fast! haha love you guys, heres a pic of me with a cool family!

Monday, July 13, 2015


This was a rainy week with no electricity! the lightning struck right out my window and shook the entire house!!!!!! I jumped out of my chair and feared for my life! And soon realized that the chances of being hit by lightning was unlikely. The electricity in the house was out all week, making it impossible to see at night. we bought candles to be able to see. it was fun to do things the old fashioned way. 

I got a high fever of 102 this week and went to the hospital twice but im good now and nothing bad ending up happening other than a couple days without work.

One night we wanted to relax so we all got together and put a chair in the middle, and took turns, one elder would use the little head massager while the other would be giving a shoulder massage and the other would tell a story and the rest would make sound effects. it was so silly and fun and relaxing, it brought be back to the old days with jessica, grant and sabrina when we would do silly things like that too. 

One RM came with us to a visit and he was so bold and confident, he was smiling and laughing and just being a loving guy, he invited our investigator to be baptized and he easily accepted, that changed my perspective a lot and now I want to be more animated to help people to accept this restored gospel.

I know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that the Book of Mormon was given to us to help us accept the Gospel so that we can do the ordinances of the priesthood and be raised up to the eternities with our families to live in a rest of love and joy forever!

Elder Hilton

Monday, June 29, 2015

The BoM

I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that like it says in Moroni, miracles still happen today according to our faith. I had to miracles happen this week and I know its a direct result of the faith I've developed in Christ through the Book of Mormon. 

First, I found a guy that has been receiving the Missionaries for a lot of time and his wife was baptized but he never was. I shared a STRONG testimony of the Book of Mormon. He told me that he felt a hole that he still had in him. I promised him it would be filled through reading and praying the book. 

Then also one of the members has a dad that is a drunk and she lost him. she was crying and she couldn't find him. they had been searching for him but couldn't find him. I said that we were going to pray then search and I testified that if we pray in the name of Christ, with faith that we will receive, we will receive him. 

So we prayed then started searching and in 2 minutes we found him and I know it was a miracle and a direct result of the Book of Mormon and the faith we had in Christ.

I love the mission and I know that any person can find joy through faith in Christ that is developed by reading the Book of Mormon and acting on what is taught in it. I want to invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon. A chapter or more everday for a week and to pray every day trying to apply what you learn. I promise you will see a difference in you life by doing so. 

Love you guys:)

sorry there wasnt a lot of time to send photos or tell you something more interesting haha! 

Elder Hilton

Monday, June 22, 2015

New comp, same area

The work of The Lord is all around the world. 
I realized two things. 
1. you can be on the mission and not serve the lord
2. you can serve the lord and not be on a mission.

Something I read in my study today was that our works in this life will be returned upon our own heads. if we are easy to forgive, god will forgive us easily. If we give 100 percent to the lord, hell give us 100 percent of what he has which is SO much more that what we have. we have a limit but he doesnt. we have a glory unknown to the world. If we sacrifice to the lord all that is from the world to serve him and follow him, We will be given this glory. 

I have a new comp and he has a super firm testimony especially of the family. I love my family and I love seeing the potential that families have God wants to bless them but he only blesses us when were doing what he wants us to do so we know were on the right path. But he blocks our path and sends curses when we arent on his path so we know that were not on his path. Something im learning here is to fear God and not man. Ive seen a lot of blessing from that. We passed a family one time and my comp said Ugh dude i just feared man cuz i wanted to talk to them but i didnt. And i could imagine God telling us to go back. then we went back and met an amazing family. If we have manly fear like of awkwardness, to talk to people, to share the gospel to be embarassed, we wont see blessings from God. But if we fear God and do his will He´ll bless us.

Love you guys!!! Heres a pic of me kissing a parannah

Monday, June 15, 2015


I found Preston Pugmire! hes here on my mission and his spanish is super good already! it was in a multi zone meeting so hes working in the center of the city

This week was super good. I learned a lot about myself. My goals, what expect of myself after the mission and how i want to be on the mission itself. 

we had 3 days of pure success this week and 3 days of pure failure hahah! it taught me a lot about patience and the if were putting our part 100 percent of our effort, and were praying with faith (God always does his part) Then all depends on the decisions of the investigators. I want to become the missionary that always gives 100 percent so I can be sure that I did all I could for these amazing people. 

Here's a pic of my zone and of some other stuff

Love you guys so much!

Elder Hilton

Monday, June 8, 2015

Y Yo os daré exito

The power of prayer is so real

If we suffer our afflictions with patience the Lord will give us success.
The Lord did his part completely now we need to do ours

This week was super fast and super fun. Two of the days we worked harder than ever and we had a lot of visits and the other days we were lazy and we didn't see any success. Put all your diligence and the Lord will give you success 

Love you guys I hope your enjoying the start of you summer!:)

Elder Hilton

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mi primer bautismo

This week was super great and to make my email short I´m only going to share the story of one day. Yesterday:

We had our baptism at 330 and we were eating lunch at 200. it was 300 already so we asked the father of the house to drive us to the church. We arrived at 320 and swept the room super fast and we realized that the font hadn't been emptied and refilled. So we called the bishop to ask how but he told us he wasn't going to be able to come but he told us that it takes 5 hours to fill the font so we just decided to use the dirty old water.

Then the person our investigator (Heidi Plata) picked to baptize told us he wasn't going to do it. So we were freaking out. We were really unprepared and no one was there, it was 345 and no one had showed up and there was something to do at 430. so i was super stressed and I felt so weak. We prayed together and I felt better but no one was there still. Not even the person we were going to baptize. When she showed up, all my doubt and fear and freakingoutness just left and i felt happy. She had a giant smile and a spirit with her. 

She was ready and this was the day for her baptism. So we told her she needed to pick someone else to baptize her and she picked me. At this point I felt super vulnerable and weak. But I realized that this isn't my work. She is here to be baptized to follow the Lord in her life. So I toughened up and got changed. Then when we were walking to take a picture I felt a peace with me. I was so weak cuz i was wearing a silly all white outfit, same with her, and we were unprepared, but in this moment, I felt more close to The Lord than all my mission. I was doing what pleased the Lord. It doesn´t matter about my weaknesses or how I look or what people think. Its about doing what pleases the Lord and following him. 

After being baptized she was asked to share her testimony and she shared her strong testimony then told us that she really wanted her family to come and to be there to witness her baptism. She started to cry. In front of everyone without fear, shame, being embarrassed, or holding back. She had our support. And she really experienced what Lehi experienced when he tasted of the fruit and wanted to share it with his family. 

This very night we visited with her family and invited her brothers to be baptized also and they accepted. Its so special to see her be baptized and to watch her example that will change her life and the life of her family forever. I know that the ordinances of the priesthood are what we need to do to follow the Savior and to be saved. We need to read the Book of Mormon and follow all it says to one day live in happiness with our families forever with a Joy that we still haven´t tasted.

Love you all
Elder Hilton

Monday, May 18, 2015

La mejor semana

This week was the best week of my mission so far! We found so much guidance and success in the spirit. It was the most humbling week and also the most successful. I believe that will always be the case that when were most humble we will have the most success.

Were hoping for our first baptism this week! When we were teaching her i learned a lot! that the lord puts things in our path that we cant do so that we will humble ourselves and rely on him then try again and hell give us success when we do it this way.

It was so nasty cuz i asked for the chicken but as a prank they brought out the tounge! normally its the part like far back of the tounge so it looks like normal meat but they gave me the part most recognizable. the tip. it was like eating my own toungue. it was nasty and it had tastebuds and everything hahahahaha!

Two of my favorite experiences this week
1. We werent sure of two dates to do the baptism so we prayed specifically about them and there was a DISTINCT diffence in my feelings of the two and i cant deny it. i had some doubts at first but i cant deny that i recieved an answer and it was the strongest answer to a prayer ive experienced
2. I got to teach someone that didnt believe in God and I tought him the same way ammon did by talking of a great spirit or energy that keeps everything in balance and that for us thats God and he can try talking to him and he´ll make himself manifest. it was really special and it helped me to know the spirit is all knowing and if we rely on it, it was show us the truth of all things. 

I wish you all luck. Keep reading the Book of Mormon every day and praying.
Elder Hilton

Monday, May 11, 2015

Enjoy Life

Sometimes I fear we have expectations that the good life is the life being led by someone else. The truth is that the good life is the life you have, for it is the only one you can lead. With God’s help, good cheer permits us to rise above the depressing present or difficult circumstances. … It is sunshine when clouds block the light.

Alma 13:13 says that we need to bring Christ fruits worthy of his Grace. But what could be a fruit, or something we could bring him, worthy of what he wants to do for us: Suffer for all we have ever done and give us all joy and peace. I don't think there is one. But all he is asking of us is a broken heart and a contrite spirit and from there we just follow him and bring more unto him and he will give us his Grace. Its incredible to me this gospel. How different of a people we are. But how happy we are and what joy we receive from what we do. I know that we all have struggles in life but if we keep our eyes fixed on Christ, the Book of Mormon, we learn that in the midst of all our trials and challenges, we can find the joy that Christ brings. I did an activity with the Quorum of Elders this week of a letter that I would send to my family if i only had 5 minutes left to live. And I would tell you guys to read the Book of Mormon. Make and keep covenants with God. and trust that all the joy and happiness with be ours one day and we will be able to live together in the happy state of those that keep the commandments.

I love guys so much and I'm so thankful for such a great familial and such great friends. The world is in a state where there is really really bad stuff but also really really good right now and we have the have the courage to live in the goodness in the light and we´ll be protected from whatever evil the world has to offer.

Most important. ENJOY LIFE!!!! You live among those you love and you have the opportunity to share such sweet experiences with them every day. Love you all and Ill be keeping you updated!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Todos Juntos Para Siempre

Hello my Friends and Family.

This week was pretty interesting because i was sick for like 5 days of it but it wasnt super bad. i just had a bunch of sleep and i couldnt stay awake in the lessons haha!

I learned a lot about the love God has for us this week. I was reminded of an experience i had in the ward activity where we had like little mini families and i was with Haley Ferguson. In the testimony meeting i remember feeling the spirit so strong. But it was a different spirit from normal. It was the spirit of charity of the love of God. I felt a potent love for my mini family in this activity. and while i was thinking of this in the sacrament i looked around and realized that were all a family. brothers and sisters. the children of God. and i dont have forever to be with them so i have a new motivation to love others this week. and also a new testimony of the gospel. because this gospel is all centered around the goal in mind which is families that will be together forever. and its possible through God. but the way is narrow and strict. I want to help all my brothers and sisters along this path to one day be with them forever.

This week is the cambios and I have a feeling I could be training a new Greengo. That would be really cool!!! But im just going to keep my hope subdued so i dont hope in vain haha!

Love you all!!!!<3
Elder Hilton

Monday, April 13, 2015

Un dia en Bolivia!!!

How are all of you! im loving the mission this week was really interesting. i was sick a little but i never had to stay in the house! i have the same comp this transfer and im really glad cuz i have a lot to learn from him still hes great! and the spanish is coming along good and the most important is that i get the chance to read the book of mormon every day and contemplate the gospel every day its really interesting. studying the steps of the gospel is the best. faith repentance baptism holy spirit and enduretottheend. i love this gospel and i love you guys! hasta luego!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Este semana

Ok so this week i had a bit of a rough time getting back into the swing of things with my comp coming back from being sick and all that but its so cool cuz my area is like pure in-actives and new people so its super cool cuz we work with the people trying to bring them to church a lot and its fun.

 I love the mission cuz its a challenge and there's so much room to grow and to have fun and to do so many incredible things. There's also room to hate it and to whine but its all dependent on your attitude and your willingness to stay happy and keep working so that's a great lesson for life that we can always whine and do all that and be lazy but also we can have a good attitude and enjoy it  so that's what i love that i'm learning.

And also about the atonement. The atonement is so great its the greatest gift we've ever been given and it came through so much suffering for what he didn't even do. And that's a great lesson for life. We can say all day that we didn't do it so we're not going to fix it or clean it up. But the greatest gift ever was given so willingly and we can do the same. 

Love you all!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Short Update

I've learned something really valuable. That we aren't perfect and that's ok. We will always have the natural man and that means we will always receive trials and temptations. But if were utilizing the atonement and always treasuring up in our minds the words of god and that we're his sons and daughters and that he loves us and he's gonna help and we ask with faith if he can help us he will always help us and be there with us and we can always feel his love and we can show our appreciation for his love atonement and help with keeping the commandments and with helping others and acting on what we learn through the spirit and reading the scriptures. I love you guys!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BOLIVIA ya dude

Hey friends and family!!!!!  I hope you're all doing really good and loving life!!!!!! Here in bolivia we're loving every minute and trying to do all we can to help others! My favorite parts have been finding new people! 

I gave my first priesthood blessing to a person who wasn't a member and that was super cool cuz it was a lot different, it felt really good. Because the priesthood isn't there to bless ourselves, its for other people. And when we serve by using this power for good we are blessed in a different way.

I'm just loving my trainer and everything. I finish my first 6 weeks soon and after that i might switch or stay or whatever but i'm excited for that because i like change haha but time has been flying. its so fun. Its soo cool that all my friends are on their missions! i love that! But yeah i hope you're all doing super great i love you guys ill get back to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Super Bien!

Hola a todos!!!!!! Life's great here in Bolivia! The newest things are that i'm having a member make me scripture case with alligator skin and snake skin its gonna be so cool. I'll take a picture as soon as i get them but also that my investigators menos activos and conversos recientes are doing super good i love teaching because i learn so much every time i teach! sounds silly right? hahaha but ya i learn when i teach cuz the spirit is just so strong. the gift of tounges is someting so real and i learn that more and more every day! 

I might learn a new language soon cuz theres certain areas with different languages its so crazy! but the thing i learned most this week is about the gospel of christ. we have 5 steps in which we find faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost, and endure to the end and what i learned is that were already baptized so we cant do that again but when we sin we have to start from the beginning with faith again and when we repent we have the chance to the the sacrament and then we get the gift of the holy ghost to guide us and help us again.

And we have to do this process over and over with all the principles and commandments and the end is that we can have all the commandments and principles super strong in us and we can live with the holy ghost stronger and stronger. i have a testimony of that. but here in bolivia is super duper fun i'm learning and growing and having experiences i never thought id have hahaha! but im thankful to all my friends and leaders and especially my family because the lord prepared me for my mission. i feel like all that has prepared me and i'm super thankful for that. so thank you to every one of my friends and family and leaders. 

Love you guys! hasta la semana siguiente!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

I dont have a ton of time but here's my week! 
To knock on a door you just stand in front and clap pretty dope. and you yell buenas tardes hahahaha! Theres like tons of crazy attack dogs that try to kill you so that's chevere tambien.

I'm making tons of friends and i'm enjoying this so much
The highlight of my week was when i got to bare my testimony in front of my very own ward! I've been waiting for that moment for a long time. I was smiling so big the whole time i probably looked like a freak hahahahahah.

The gift of tounges is so real and i bare testimony of that because i cant believe the progress im making in the language. I know its not my own mind cuz i'm not that smart. and also it only works when i really need it like in a lesson or testimony so that also tells me that its the gift of tounges not me.

The book of mormon is verdad and it can help any person and we can gain personal revelation from it. My scripture of the week is in Romans 8 versus 18, and the last three versus. It's incredible about the love of god and crist. We need to near ourself to the spirit and live in it and not in the flesh like it says in romans 8 verse 10 and 13. its a great chapter. 

But yeah also i had a great experience with the sacrament this week. I had to pull some strings and make some sacrifices to take it and it felt so hard but after i took it it occured to me that all my sacrifices are nothing compared to what christ did for us and then i just felt all my stress and pain and burden leave me and i knew it was with crist. The people here are so great because they're so humble.

 I cant wait to share this gospel with more people. Love you guys! hasta próximo semana!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015


Hola amigos!!!!!! I´m finally aqui en Bolivia!!! Perdon mi español its only that its kinda hard to think in english ahhahaa! Their accent here is so dope! I love it, its so different than the CCM but i cant wait to come home with a cool accent! 

I love the people here and I'm loving the weather because its super hot and humid. The word for dude is che. Its pronounced like chay. They have a huge carnival here every year during a few days in February and we aren't allowed to leave our casas during those days so were gonna have a party. The coolest thing here, the thing that is most chevere (that means cool) is that we travel by motorcycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dope is that? But we can't drive them only ride in back. 

Probably one of my favorite things here, we get to have machetes if we want which is so cool. And the food here is so rico! Ya i love it. And a Bolivian thing is they say ya instead of si so its super easy cuz i say that all the time hahaha!

My companion is soooo cool i've learned a ton from him. Just how to be patient especially with lessons and talking to people. We can have moments of silence and not feel uncomfortable. I love that about this place. The people are soooo nice and they are so different that what i'm used to. You can go shake someones hand and say hi then just kinda stand there for a while in silence and its totally normal then talk and have silence again. Its like a bunch of grandpas but everyone is just their normal age hahaha.

I love spanish. Ok so here's an experience in a lesson. in my first lesson with a member present. we taught the restoration and it was dope cuz the spirit was guiding the lesson the whole time and i could feel it so much. Like i don't even know how to describe it but i just feel so much love for the people here and i wanna teach them and help them. Its cool. 

Today ill eat my first saltena! cool huh? I'm pumped. Prayers are so much more meaningful here because i REALLY need blessings right now more than ever so my whole heart and energy go into them. I don't know if there's a way to do it but maybe just try to put everything aside for a moment and pray with all your soul cuz it brings a whole different feeling and blessings come i promise!

Ok cool so i attached a couple pictures. One is of me and my first comp! He's huge! His spanish is great and hes a great teacher! He's the leader of the district. The other pic is of one of the moto taxis and just the street. Its the street in front of my house. Ok love you guys! have a great week and ill talk to you soon!!!!

Elder Hilton

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bolivia here I come!

I don't have a lot of time but i can tell you a couple things! My latino comp is super cool and I've loved having all natives in my district. Super duper hard but i love it. 

My spanish has increased like infinitely. I've been reading the book of mormon a lot and today i read ether and oh dang ether is such a dope book! Its got some great analogies to life when they're crossing the ocean. And also the parts when the kingdom is being fought over teaches us a lot about who we need to be in this life. And especially the sections about faith and seeing Christ are DOPE. read it yo... dog.... haha

Anyway i leave to Bolivia on monday and that's pretty dang exiting! I cant wait to go out and help some people who REALLY need it and who the lord has been preparing. 

So here's a cool thought i had this week. Temples only permit people who have recommends. And recommends say you're worthy, and willing to go in and treasure up the experience and add to the spirit. Our bodies are also temples. And if we want them to be holy we should make sure that everything in it has a recommendOur thoughts, feelings and other things that affect us. If we make sure those things are good and pointing us to the lord, helping us rather than hurting us, we'll be a more holy temple. More receptive to the holy ghost and the lord will dwell within. 

I promise you guys that if you're going through a trial, it can be for your good! Read ether 2:24 and 25. The lord is behind it. Turn to him and he'll help you and bring you back up! Love you all! I'll email when i get to Bolivia!

Elder Hilton

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Casi allí

Hola Todos!!!!  I'm having so much fun! Today was the last day before i get a latino companion so we went on a tour and i got to see some pretty sick stuff. 

First we went to the temple and it was incredible as usual but i had some pretty inspirational revelations. And now i just wanna learn spanish so i can teach better and better!

After the temple we went to this mountain and saw some incredible stuff. We could see the entire city!!!!! And there was some catholic church on the top with some incredible statues of Christ during the different phases of his life. I was pretty inspired by it.

So here's the picture of the city from above

When we were done there we went down into the city and went through a gold museum. It was pretty dope but we went pretty quick due to lack of time. 

Here's one of the pieces from the gold museum.

After that we went and bought jerseys of futbol teams and i picked alemania, the world cup champions. Everyone says i look exactly like them and that i could be on the team hahah!

I'm loving talking to the people out on the streets cuz they're all SO nice and i'm so happy to have been called here. Two more weeks and i'll be in Bolivia!!!!! Super exciting. 

I hope you're all doing well. I know the book of mormon and the temple are the two things that always lift me when i'm going through a rough spot because that's how i get good communication with God. I really feel closer to God out here on my mission. And I know that we all can feel closer if we change the things in our life that take us away from him and add the things we know will pull us closer. 

I love you guys!!!!! until 10 days!!!! 

Friday, January 23, 2015


Hola everyone! 

Yesterday was my first day out of the CCM!!!!! It was so scary and nerve racking!!!! Oh man i cant wait to share all the crazy stories! But first, the new Latinos came in 10 days ago and they're amazing! They're way more mature than the last group which is good in some ways but bad also hahahha! But, there's a lot from Bolivia which is sick cuz that's where i'm going and i get to learn more about Bolivia! 

One of them is like this huge gorilla dude and he sits by me and puts his arm around me and gives me like head rubs during the meetings and everyone says it looks like a gorilla protecting me, hahahaha its awesome. He's from Santa Cruz so i love him, were besties hahahahah! 

I get a latino companion in 5 days which is exciting but its gonna be hard cuz it will be all spanish from then on basically hahaha! Dang i'm pumped... Ok here's the exciting part! I went proselyting !!!!!!!!!!! So after we said a prayer we started walking and the first people we talked to were these three old ladies who were so cute and nice i was so glad. Then it just went uphill from there. We got around 20 contacts in 3 hours and i felt so good because almost everyone of them seemed legitimately interested and receptive. I really hope that the missionaries will find success with them. 

Especially this one guy that was INSANE looking!!!!! He had this giant red mohawk, and a super long jedi braid and the contacts that make your eyes look super crazy and piercings all over. And this one piercing in his neck that was really freaky hahahaha! But after the initial shock of his appearance we talked to him and he was SO receptive! We gave him a book of mormon and a couple pamphlets and a picture of Jesus. It was awesome and it was my favorite day on my mission so far cuz it was legit rather than fake investigators which are cool for practice but it just feels good to have real success:) 

The temple is incredible. I'm so thankful for the opportunity i have to go twice a week cuz i love it. Its such a great way to get closer to God and to become a better person! And reading the book of mormon is incredible because everything in it, all the stories and everything can be related to our lives. I just wanted to share my testimony that although we have so much going on in our lives with our iphones, school, work, whatever, its ALWAYS worth the sacrifice to get to the temple, read the book of mormon for an hour, go take the sacrament. Because these things are eternal. I love you guys!!!!

P.S. Me and my district did this super awesome game where we picked animals we would be for different things. So just for fun if you're interested here's the list of what they picked for me hahahah! :

Land animal- Giraffe
Water animal- Seahorse
Air animal- Flamingo
Mythical creature- Elf
Star Wars- C3P0
Lord of the Rings- Legolas
Hobbit- Legolas' Dad
Book of Mormon- Abenedai
Harry Potter- Lucious Malfoy
DC- Kid Flash
Villan- Joker
Super Smash Bros- Link
Celebrity- Shia LeBouf
Disney- The Candlestick from Beauty and the Beast
Video Game- Zelda
History- King Arthur
Greek god parent- Hermes

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Columbia is LOCO

Hey everyone! This week was so amazing because I had some SUPER spiritual experiences which of course were countered by some SUPER difficult and miserable experiences hahaha! But I'm learning so much here.

I had to say goodbye to the latinos today  because they come and go every two weeks and were here for 6 so I get to meet three groups of them. Its CRAZY how much I bonded with them even though we can barely communicate! It was super sad. I'm gonna miss them. But it made me realize that I'm just gonna love the people here like crazy and i think that will be a really good thing.

This country is insane... the traffic rules are like recommendations because people are insane on the road. There's way more motorcycles than cars. I'm way surprised I haven't witnessed an accident yet. I'm at the phase with my spanish right now where I'm forgetting how to speak english but i still don't know spanish so its pretty pathetic hahahaha.

The best experiences I've had here have been in the temple, with my district, or during personal study. I went to the temple today and had some awesome insight. I realized that if we just trust that God is guiding us in our lives, which he always is, and we just do our best to be a good boy/girl and obey everything he tells us to do, then there's no reason to not just LOVE life and just be patient with him. I got pretty stressed recently and got down on myself but after this experience I don't see any need to get sad or upset. I'm not perfect and I know I wont be, but if I just trust that what I'm doing is right and just live it, then i have no reason not to just love every moment.

So a little lesson for everyone.... if you have nothing you need to change about yourself, then don't ever stop being happy because you're in the Lords hands. Also my district is just so incredible they're all great examples and I'm with them for a reason. Also the book of mormon has taught me so much and I love reading it here. Its so great to get to read it in silence for an hour each day. I treasure it because it teaches all you need to be happy.

Before the natives left a really cool experience I had was when some of them came in my room and handed me a dollar bill from their country (Boliviano's from Venesuela) and there was a short little note written on them with my name on it. It was really touching and I did the same for them with american money. Then one of them who's learning english told me that I need to send him pictures of all my baptisms. I love those guys.

Here's something awesome: In english my name is Elder Hilton. But with the way that spanish is pronounced I became Elder Eelton hahaha! And with their accents, when they say "Elder" it sounds almost exactly like "Eelton" So I'm basically that "Elder Elder" that everyone jokes about hahahaha! I love it, its hilarious. Here's a picture of my first MTC group. I'm right in the middle. You wont miss me hahahahaha!

I love all you guys and I hope you're all doing well! I'll talk to you soon and I'll send more pics when I can.

-Elder Hilton

Friday, January 9, 2015

First week in MTC

Hey everyone! I've officially been a missionary for like 9 days. Its so awesome to have my badge and everything! Its just crazy cuz when I got here I realized that I'm gonna be so lost for a while cuz no one spoke spanish!!! hahah! It was so scary but I said a prayer and immediately felt comforted and I knew I was in good hands when I was met by a couple of tiny little Colombians hahah!

The first week was SO hard and sketchy cuz I didn't know the language, I was scared and alone. But now I know everyone in the MTC (its called the CCM here and there's only like 60 or less people haha) and I'm friends with all of them! There's only like 12 north americans and the rest are latinos who only speak spanish ahah! But they're so nice and all they wanna do is help us and talk to us. They're super patient with us and I can just feel how pure they are.

Some of their stories are insane! They inspire me with their desire and spirit. I'm gonna be friends with some of them for a really long time. I felt so bad cuz a big thing here is trading ties (cambiar) and I love all my ties cuz they're so nice. But I ended up trading some because I realized that its not about stuff. Its about the people.

Ok here's some stuff I learned this week: the gift of tongues is real and if you pray for it and rely on it, you'll learn so much faster. Also the temple is incredible and its the ultimate goal for everyone. I want to see everyone there with their families on my mission. I know the happiness that comes inside those building and the incredible lessons that are to be learned in them. Also we have a lot to learn from other cultures and languages. The scriptures and hymns are all different here and it creates a whole new meaning for them and its awesome. And their faith is so strong. They pray and just expect and answer right there and they get it! its awesome how faithful these people are I'm so lucky to be here.

Another thing is that we all have different talents and knowledge and insight that people can benefit from. Use Christ`s atonement to see yourself as the amazing individual you are and then don't hold back! Bless peoples lives around you!!!!

It was hilarious to see all the people at the airport and on the plane just glued to their devices. Its ridiculous how people rely on it but I don't judge. I'd do the same if i could hahahah! But try spending like a day without it and just focus on blessing people with service and such it will pay off:)  If any of you are going on missions soon, a word of advice: the first week will be so stressful and hard but just push through it. It'll get easier after a couple weeks. You just need to adjust and figure out how to manage your stress:) Don't give up, just keep trying and pushing through and praying and trusting the spirit and I promise it'll be ok and it'll get easier:)

The book of mormon is awesome. I have time finally to just sit and read it cuz I have to and I don't have any distractions hahahaha:P  But try to just read a few chapters and just chill and don't get distracted and you'll see what I mean. Its so great. I love the book and the lessons it teaches and the joy it brings.

The rules here are crazy and there's no way to really follow all of them. But my heart is in the right place and if I just know that and don't get discouraged when I mess up then its totally fine and super easy to be happy. So that's some advice you can apply. If your heart is in the right place and you're not purposefully trying to be bad, then don't get discouraged if you mess up. Just make a change if you need to, smile and keep living the best way you can. cuz if you let that sorrow in and allow it to take over your life then you'll be in a bad situation. So that's a lesson I've learned here.

Another one is that you shouldn't get caught up in trying to be the best or trying to make everyone happy. Because you wont be the best and you cant make everyone happy. For me, I'm here because I want to share my joy with people through Christ and I want people to feel the same joy. So with that intention in my heart, I wont let other intentions flood in like trying to learn spanish the fastest or be the most obedient or trying to please all my teachers and the president cuz I cant do all those things but with the help of the Holy Ghost, I can make a difference in peoples lives with my message:)

I hope you all have a great week!
Love you

-Elder Hilton