Monday, August 3, 2015

Lets Contact!

Turns out i'm not in the offices! but i'm in the same ward as the assistants! Here's a pic of my new comp! 

He sings and he just always smiles! it makes working so fun and light!:) The trials of life are overcome through diligent obedience and a good attitude! Then we become stronger and more happy:)

I'm just getting used to this new zone! Everyone here in the city wears like Abercrombie, Hollister and Aeropostale! its like the US 10 years ago haha! If we have the joy of the love of God in our hearts, we will have a great desire to share the Gospel. 

I'm super good! super relaxed and super pumped to invite people to repent and read the book of mormon and be baptized! I got to the city! its a crazy lifestyle here! but im learning a lot! oh and were opening area so its pretty tough cuz were contacting all the time!

The weirdest thing that happened was that when i said bye to my old investigators from the other zone, some cried, some gave me kisses on the cheek, some sang me a song. really sad stuff. 

I had a crazy experience that this one 15 year old went up in testimony meeting to give his testimony with his mom and he just stood by her and had his arm around her and I told him afterwards that hes my hero and he told me that hes like his only support for his mom cuz his dad and brother aren't active. 

So that made me pretty emotional and really motivated. cuz i really think that the whole reason im here is to train to be a missionary for my own family. I really believe that and im willing to do all i can for you guys! love you dad and im always here for you and the fam! 

Love Elder Hilton

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  1. You are so right Elder Hilton....You are the super glue that will bind your family together. Sierra and Austin need your example, love and devotion. You are the big brother they must look up to with respect, admiration, so they will want to follow in your footsteps. As you continue to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, they will be guided by you to the path of happiness which comes from living the gospel principles, knowing right from wrong and truth from error. Love You, Grandma