Monday, August 10, 2015

Come to God

In the Book of Mormon, an observation is that the people that come to God are either granted their desires or given trials. Life is the same way. God wants us to be humble before him so he can strengthen us and grant us our desires. 

I love you guys and I´m thankful for your support and I challenge you all to find a way to humble yourself before god this week. I promise that you will be blessed. 

Here's my old investigator that was from texas. haha hes the best. 

Elder Hilton

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  1. Emotional pain can purify our souls if we humbly receive the lessons our emotions can teach us. Thanks to your dad for updating us with all your posts of the last several weeks. This has been a pure joy for me tonight catching up with your adventures of the past seven weeks. Your dad's healing has began. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Also your name goes on the prayer list in the Boise Temple each time that we serve. You know of our love for you and we know of your love for all of your family....