Monday, August 22, 2016

Se Casaron!

This was such a big wedding! They have a funny tradition here where the bride and groom dance in the middle of everyone the waltz and everyone just watches. Everyone's just sitting down watching and then people can come up and dance with the bride or the groom. It was so cool but I would never want to do that cuz I don't like dancing in front of everyone!!! Anyway it was really good to see them get married. It made me feel good inside, like it was something right, something good. So many people here just get together without getting married and have kids and everything.

We didn't get to the expected number of anything this week but I realized that we need to start focusing on the quality of the lessons instead of the number. We went out with some members this week and got into some houses and had at least one quality lesson so I'm excited to keep working this way.

One of the most memorable moments of this week was when I realized that I don't have love for the people like He does and in order for them to feel His love through my words and actions, He´d need to lend me His love. So I've been praying hard to borrow His love this week and I feel like when I talk to people and smile and do all I can to love them, they´re feeling more and more that this love isn't mine. I think that the most important 2 things of this work is that the members can have this kind of love for the investigators and that we can declare the truth with simplicity in order for the spirit to testify of what we say.

Love you guys have an awesome week

Love Elder Hilton

Monday, August 15, 2016

We need more people to teach

Jorge Luis is going to get married this Friday and baptized the next Saturday!

This week we realized that we need more people to come to church.
We need to look for ways to get the people more interested in the message and more willing to recieve us in their house.
I'm determined to work hard each and every day that is left on the mission. I say that mostly because I talked to president this week and he gave me a lot of good advice.

I love the gospel because each time we read the Book of Mormon and the other Scriptures, they make more sense! Its like doing a snowboarding trick after a long time and all of a sudden I can do it perfectly. 

Have a good week!!!!
Elder Hilton

Monday, August 8, 2016

Keep On Striving Excelence

This was the week that we were sure my comp was going to leave here and head out to another area. But to our great surprise, he stayed!!!!! I'm really glad he did because Elder Moreno has been probably the best comp that I have had when it comes to working well as a team. Whenever there's a problem we always try to work it out and it always gets worked out. 

This week we had a lot of high expectations and low results. We were hoping for like 3 or 4 families to come to church and none of them went hahaha! But I´m not going to let that get me down or make me feel like my expectations are too high. I just need to keep striving excelence.

Jorge Luis is going to get married then baptized on the 19th and the 20th! Hes the boyfriend of a member and he has been going to church for almost a year but none of the Elders wanted to teach him or baptize him becuase he lived in another area that didnt belong to the ward. But the mission president came and we talked to him about it and got permission to start teaching him. Hes going to move into the ward boundries soon so theres not going to be any problems. 

I know that its super important to read the Book of Mormon and believe what it teaches. I know that its important to be humble before the Lord and accept his will. I know that its hard to do a lot of the time because of fear, doubt and a lot of other factors, but if we do it, He´ll guide us to a happier life.

Have a good week! :D 

Elder Hilton

Monday, August 1, 2016

You Can´t Get Tired!!!

The more people we invite, the higher chance we have of getting at least someone to come on Sunday! And if someone comes to church, they progress!

We´ve been working hard but the members have been having a lot of trials. People are sick, passing away and it makes it impossible for their ´centro de fortaleza´ to work. We´re seeing the results of NOT using the ¨centros¨ because even though we went over to their house with members and read the Book of Mormon with them, prayed with them and so much more, they didn´t come to church. Its not the same! We need them in order for it to work as it has in the past. But we aren´t going to give up. We´re going to need to do a huge effort to get more member families excited about the work and start up more centros. I feel like that's whats going to bring in the most success. When we have success in the centros, it creates a triangle of blessed and happy people: us, the members and the converts. 

We got to meet the new president! His name is Presidente Cabezas. He is really awesome and has a great vision, new goals and a good attitude that I hope will help our wards and stakes to feel the desire to work side by side with us. We have all day every day to work, and with each member we would only need like an hour each day and we´d have such a great probability of helping a lot of families to receive the gospel. We just need a good attitude, a lot of faith and work! 

Tomorrow we have transfers! I really hope to stay here, but I´m willing to serve wherever it may be. I feel the slight pull to get a little lazy and start falling back into the comfort of mediocrity, but that's not what my spirit desires. I want excellence and that only comes with hard work.

I know that this gospel brings peace, joy and many blessings. 
I know that these blessings are available to all who search diligently in the scriptures and pray with humility and learn to hear the promptings of the spirit. All who have the disire to live a life harmonious with His will, can if they do so.

Thanks for your support, love and prayers

Elder Hilton