Monday, August 8, 2016

Keep On Striving Excelence

This was the week that we were sure my comp was going to leave here and head out to another area. But to our great surprise, he stayed!!!!! I'm really glad he did because Elder Moreno has been probably the best comp that I have had when it comes to working well as a team. Whenever there's a problem we always try to work it out and it always gets worked out. 

This week we had a lot of high expectations and low results. We were hoping for like 3 or 4 families to come to church and none of them went hahaha! But I´m not going to let that get me down or make me feel like my expectations are too high. I just need to keep striving excelence.

Jorge Luis is going to get married then baptized on the 19th and the 20th! Hes the boyfriend of a member and he has been going to church for almost a year but none of the Elders wanted to teach him or baptize him becuase he lived in another area that didnt belong to the ward. But the mission president came and we talked to him about it and got permission to start teaching him. Hes going to move into the ward boundries soon so theres not going to be any problems. 

I know that its super important to read the Book of Mormon and believe what it teaches. I know that its important to be humble before the Lord and accept his will. I know that its hard to do a lot of the time because of fear, doubt and a lot of other factors, but if we do it, He´ll guide us to a happier life.

Have a good week! :D 

Elder Hilton

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