Monday, April 25, 2016

A great week in the work of the Lord

We had an incredible experience when an investigator told us ¨I would like you to baptize me¨ I know it was a direct result of what the Elder Calderon taught us when he came this wednesday. He taught us that there's power in righteousness and in clarity. We should be 100 percent obedient and we should teach with clarity, only then will our investigators tell us that they want to get baptized without us even inviting them. It actually happened. I attribute it to teaching with clarity, being professional and being righteous.

A funny experience was when a guy that looked a little special needs on the street approached me and shook my hand then hugged me and then grabbed my neck and tried pulling me down to kiss him.... haha it was soooo wierd but I just pushed him away and didnt react. It was a very interesting experience that Ill never forget hahah!

I feel that this week is going to be very successful with these 3 new focuses that were going to take. Were working a lot with the members too. Weve established a relationship with 4 families in particular and were already bringing investigators to their houses several times a week. When the investigators have this kind of system of support from the members, everything is so much better for them to be able to progress. Im excited and Ill be telling you guys how it goes next week.

Love you all
Elder Hilton

Monday, April 4, 2016

So much change!

Well I'm in another area with another comp. Its called Montero. The ward is called estaciĆ²n. I'm with an elder called Elder Moreno. He's from Texas and his ancestors are from Mexico. I'm adapting and getting used to the change, since I'm now in the city and the people are a little hard to connect with. But all in all, I like it. 

The best experience I had was with a guy called Willy. He still hadn't received his answer about the Book of Mormon after 8 months of visiting with the missionaries, so I felt impulsed to pray with him. so we got on our knees with him and had him pray to ask God is the Book of Mormon was true and when he asked, it was a very vague question. He never gave the Lord time to answer during his prayer. He would ask, but then keep talking in his prayer. So after his prayer I explained that it needed to be specific. If he wanted a specific answer, he had to give a specific question and then listen for the answer. He did it but then he just stood up as we were waiting for the answer and he never ended in the name of Jesus Christ. So we came back the next time and tried teaching a little but he just kept changing the subject and dodging the questions. So I felt the need to teach by example. We got on our knees again and I told him to listen to my example, then it would be his turn to do it. So I asked if it was true, then waited 10 seconds of silence, then asked if it Wasn't true and waited 10 seconds. Then I ended in the name of Jesus Christ. He then prayed in the same way, and waited 10 seconds after each one ending in the correct way. At first he said that it was interesting, then he said that he didn't feel anything, then he said that he recognized something he felt. He felt that he needed to change a few things in his life to be more worthy. 

I learned from that experience that we need to learn to recognize the impressions of the spirit. Because they come in a way that is very silent and very special. To your heart, your feelings. We cant see them in visions, or feel them with our hands. They don't shake us or yell at us. We need to search them and feel them in order to recognize them. I love the truth and I know that each of us can find it by praying and feeling. I would like to invite you if you have a doubt or question to be humble enough to search, pray and feel. And I promise that if you do so with faith, and with real intent, you'll receive an impression from God to help you progress.

I loved conference. I didn't recognize anyone that sang in the BYU Idaho choir, but I was searching. I'm definitely going to be part of the choir when I get back. Anyway, love you guys! have an awesome week!

Elder Hilton