Monday, April 25, 2016

A great week in the work of the Lord

We had an incredible experience when an investigator told us ¨I would like you to baptize me¨ I know it was a direct result of what the Elder Calderon taught us when he came this wednesday. He taught us that there's power in righteousness and in clarity. We should be 100 percent obedient and we should teach with clarity, only then will our investigators tell us that they want to get baptized without us even inviting them. It actually happened. I attribute it to teaching with clarity, being professional and being righteous.

A funny experience was when a guy that looked a little special needs on the street approached me and shook my hand then hugged me and then grabbed my neck and tried pulling me down to kiss him.... haha it was soooo wierd but I just pushed him away and didnt react. It was a very interesting experience that Ill never forget hahah!

I feel that this week is going to be very successful with these 3 new focuses that were going to take. Were working a lot with the members too. Weve established a relationship with 4 families in particular and were already bringing investigators to their houses several times a week. When the investigators have this kind of system of support from the members, everything is so much better for them to be able to progress. Im excited and Ill be telling you guys how it goes next week.

Love you all
Elder Hilton

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