Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!

We finally saw a little glimpse of the fruit of our labor this sunday when 4 investigators went to church! I'm really excited to help Sister Janet to continue with her desire to help her husband (they're not married yet) to read the Book of Mormon and put aside some time to visit with us. She reads the book every night and prays to know if its true and shes received several answers. When she talks and prays in the lessons you can already tell that shes getting her own testimony and that her desire is increasing a lot. 

Mothers day was awesome, I got to see that my little brother Austin is already as tall as I am and hes only 12!!!! I cant believe how fast time has gone by and that this was my LAST skype call home before I see my family in person! I love my family and I cant wait to sit with them and tell them all my experiences. 

I hope you all have a great week. I challenge each one of you, whether or not you're a member to read the Book of Mormon, one chapter a night, and after reading pray and ask God if the book is true. I promise that if you do so with a sincere heart each night for a week, by the end of the week you wont be able to deny that the book is true. 

Love you guys
Elder Hilton

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