Monday, May 30, 2016

The Whole Family :D

This week we have a family of 6 that will be preparing for the interview to be baptized. I'm really excited. Its something exciting because I´ve never helped an entire family into the gospel on my mission. On the 10th they'll be married, the 11th baptized and the 12th confirmed. 

Another reason its been so awesome is because a lot of members have been involved in the learning process. We've seen such a big change of priorities and desires in each family memeber.
They're the Araus Vargas family. Máximo, Janet, Elvis, Maximiliano, Massiel, and Noemí.

(This is the Araus Vargas family. Everyones here except Maximo and Janet)

Another family that went to church this sunday is the Manjon Aguilera family. Theyve been prepared. From the moment we entered into their house, weve seen such a huge change in their lives. Some kind of connection occured in the first visit because theyve just been completely chaning their style of life in order to come to church, visit with us, read the book of mormon and be good people. 

(the President is ending his mission. A new one comes soon.)

From this whole process the thing thats most impacted me is the HUGE difference that the Book of Mormon makes in someones progress. If they read every day, everything goes well when it comes to the spiritual things. But if they dont, they dont find the spirtual strenght they need to overcome the obstacles. 

(This is the Lopez Family. We did a Lego representation of the vision of the tree of life)

I know that this gospel is true and that its what can help us to see the difference between whats right and wrong, and give us the desire and strength to choose whats right. That's what it all comes down to. Whats right and wrong. What helps us progress and what keeps us from progressing. The gospels only purpose is to help us to progress and find an eternal joy. I love it. I know its what each one of us needs in our lives. The only way to know it is to experiment, to try it out. I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon. One chapter a day for a week. I promise that you'll come to know that its good if you do so. 

Elder Hilton

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