Monday, February 23, 2015

I dont have a ton of time but here's my week! 
To knock on a door you just stand in front and clap pretty dope. and you yell buenas tardes hahahaha! Theres like tons of crazy attack dogs that try to kill you so that's chevere tambien.

I'm making tons of friends and i'm enjoying this so much
The highlight of my week was when i got to bare my testimony in front of my very own ward! I've been waiting for that moment for a long time. I was smiling so big the whole time i probably looked like a freak hahahahahah.

The gift of tounges is so real and i bare testimony of that because i cant believe the progress im making in the language. I know its not my own mind cuz i'm not that smart. and also it only works when i really need it like in a lesson or testimony so that also tells me that its the gift of tounges not me.

The book of mormon is verdad and it can help any person and we can gain personal revelation from it. My scripture of the week is in Romans 8 versus 18, and the last three versus. It's incredible about the love of god and crist. We need to near ourself to the spirit and live in it and not in the flesh like it says in romans 8 verse 10 and 13. its a great chapter. 

But yeah also i had a great experience with the sacrament this week. I had to pull some strings and make some sacrifices to take it and it felt so hard but after i took it it occured to me that all my sacrifices are nothing compared to what christ did for us and then i just felt all my stress and pain and burden leave me and i knew it was with crist. The people here are so great because they're so humble.

 I cant wait to share this gospel with more people. Love you guys! hasta próximo semana!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015


Hola amigos!!!!!! I´m finally aqui en Bolivia!!! Perdon mi español its only that its kinda hard to think in english ahhahaa! Their accent here is so dope! I love it, its so different than the CCM but i cant wait to come home with a cool accent! 

I love the people here and I'm loving the weather because its super hot and humid. The word for dude is che. Its pronounced like chay. They have a huge carnival here every year during a few days in February and we aren't allowed to leave our casas during those days so were gonna have a party. The coolest thing here, the thing that is most chevere (that means cool) is that we travel by motorcycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dope is that? But we can't drive them only ride in back. 

Probably one of my favorite things here, we get to have machetes if we want which is so cool. And the food here is so rico! Ya i love it. And a Bolivian thing is they say ya instead of si so its super easy cuz i say that all the time hahaha!

My companion is soooo cool i've learned a ton from him. Just how to be patient especially with lessons and talking to people. We can have moments of silence and not feel uncomfortable. I love that about this place. The people are soooo nice and they are so different that what i'm used to. You can go shake someones hand and say hi then just kinda stand there for a while in silence and its totally normal then talk and have silence again. Its like a bunch of grandpas but everyone is just their normal age hahaha.

I love spanish. Ok so here's an experience in a lesson. in my first lesson with a member present. we taught the restoration and it was dope cuz the spirit was guiding the lesson the whole time and i could feel it so much. Like i don't even know how to describe it but i just feel so much love for the people here and i wanna teach them and help them. Its cool. 

Today ill eat my first saltena! cool huh? I'm pumped. Prayers are so much more meaningful here because i REALLY need blessings right now more than ever so my whole heart and energy go into them. I don't know if there's a way to do it but maybe just try to put everything aside for a moment and pray with all your soul cuz it brings a whole different feeling and blessings come i promise!

Ok cool so i attached a couple pictures. One is of me and my first comp! He's huge! His spanish is great and hes a great teacher! He's the leader of the district. The other pic is of one of the moto taxis and just the street. Its the street in front of my house. Ok love you guys! have a great week and ill talk to you soon!!!!

Elder Hilton

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bolivia here I come!

I don't have a lot of time but i can tell you a couple things! My latino comp is super cool and I've loved having all natives in my district. Super duper hard but i love it. 

My spanish has increased like infinitely. I've been reading the book of mormon a lot and today i read ether and oh dang ether is such a dope book! Its got some great analogies to life when they're crossing the ocean. And also the parts when the kingdom is being fought over teaches us a lot about who we need to be in this life. And especially the sections about faith and seeing Christ are DOPE. read it yo... dog.... haha

Anyway i leave to Bolivia on monday and that's pretty dang exiting! I cant wait to go out and help some people who REALLY need it and who the lord has been preparing. 

So here's a cool thought i had this week. Temples only permit people who have recommends. And recommends say you're worthy, and willing to go in and treasure up the experience and add to the spirit. Our bodies are also temples. And if we want them to be holy we should make sure that everything in it has a recommendOur thoughts, feelings and other things that affect us. If we make sure those things are good and pointing us to the lord, helping us rather than hurting us, we'll be a more holy temple. More receptive to the holy ghost and the lord will dwell within. 

I promise you guys that if you're going through a trial, it can be for your good! Read ether 2:24 and 25. The lord is behind it. Turn to him and he'll help you and bring you back up! Love you all! I'll email when i get to Bolivia!

Elder Hilton