Monday, May 23, 2016

The best week ever!

We've been working with an intense goal to get 30 lessons every week and 12 with member. THis week we lost ourselves in the work so much that we kind of forgot about the goals and at the end of the week we counted up the lessons and we had 38 lessons and 24 with member. It was incredible.

My testimony is that God will put prepared people in the path of those that constantly strive to be obedient and do all they can for the spiritual welfare of his children. We have 2 families with a date to be baptized. One isnt married but on the 10th theyre going to get married and on the 11th of June baptized. His name is Maximo and his wife is Janet. The same one Ive already mencioned. He loved joking around. When we were talking about the wedding he said that we needed to bring 20 bottles to share. Haha so I told him we would bring 20 bottles of sprite. He loves laughing. 

The other family is separated right now. Its the Lopez family. Theyre going to try living together again on the 29th and theyll be getting baptized the 4th of June. Then the sister Carla Vaca has the date of the 11th of June to be baptized. they all have to goal to read the book of mormon every day this week. We promised them that if they did, they would gain the necesary desire to overcome whichever obstacle that comes in their path.

I love this gospel and I know thats its to only thing that can bless families with an eternal happiness. Think about it, what else could offer such a complete Joy. 
Love you guys

Elder Hilton

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