Monday, August 22, 2016

Se Casaron!

This was such a big wedding! They have a funny tradition here where the bride and groom dance in the middle of everyone the waltz and everyone just watches. Everyone's just sitting down watching and then people can come up and dance with the bride or the groom. It was so cool but I would never want to do that cuz I don't like dancing in front of everyone!!! Anyway it was really good to see them get married. It made me feel good inside, like it was something right, something good. So many people here just get together without getting married and have kids and everything.

We didn't get to the expected number of anything this week but I realized that we need to start focusing on the quality of the lessons instead of the number. We went out with some members this week and got into some houses and had at least one quality lesson so I'm excited to keep working this way.

One of the most memorable moments of this week was when I realized that I don't have love for the people like He does and in order for them to feel His love through my words and actions, He´d need to lend me His love. So I've been praying hard to borrow His love this week and I feel like when I talk to people and smile and do all I can to love them, they´re feeling more and more that this love isn't mine. I think that the most important 2 things of this work is that the members can have this kind of love for the investigators and that we can declare the truth with simplicity in order for the spirit to testify of what we say.

Love you guys have an awesome week

Love Elder Hilton

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