Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Columbia is LOCO

Hey everyone! This week was so amazing because I had some SUPER spiritual experiences which of course were countered by some SUPER difficult and miserable experiences hahaha! But I'm learning so much here.

I had to say goodbye to the latinos today  because they come and go every two weeks and were here for 6 so I get to meet three groups of them. Its CRAZY how much I bonded with them even though we can barely communicate! It was super sad. I'm gonna miss them. But it made me realize that I'm just gonna love the people here like crazy and i think that will be a really good thing.

This country is insane... the traffic rules are like recommendations because people are insane on the road. There's way more motorcycles than cars. I'm way surprised I haven't witnessed an accident yet. I'm at the phase with my spanish right now where I'm forgetting how to speak english but i still don't know spanish so its pretty pathetic hahahaha.

The best experiences I've had here have been in the temple, with my district, or during personal study. I went to the temple today and had some awesome insight. I realized that if we just trust that God is guiding us in our lives, which he always is, and we just do our best to be a good boy/girl and obey everything he tells us to do, then there's no reason to not just LOVE life and just be patient with him. I got pretty stressed recently and got down on myself but after this experience I don't see any need to get sad or upset. I'm not perfect and I know I wont be, but if I just trust that what I'm doing is right and just live it, then i have no reason not to just love every moment.

So a little lesson for everyone.... if you have nothing you need to change about yourself, then don't ever stop being happy because you're in the Lords hands. Also my district is just so incredible they're all great examples and I'm with them for a reason. Also the book of mormon has taught me so much and I love reading it here. Its so great to get to read it in silence for an hour each day. I treasure it because it teaches all you need to be happy.

Before the natives left a really cool experience I had was when some of them came in my room and handed me a dollar bill from their country (Boliviano's from Venesuela) and there was a short little note written on them with my name on it. It was really touching and I did the same for them with american money. Then one of them who's learning english told me that I need to send him pictures of all my baptisms. I love those guys.

Here's something awesome: In english my name is Elder Hilton. But with the way that spanish is pronounced I became Elder Eelton hahaha! And with their accents, when they say "Elder" it sounds almost exactly like "Eelton" So I'm basically that "Elder Elder" that everyone jokes about hahahaha! I love it, its hilarious. Here's a picture of my first MTC group. I'm right in the middle. You wont miss me hahahahaha!

I love all you guys and I hope you're all doing well! I'll talk to you soon and I'll send more pics when I can.

-Elder Hilton

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