Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Casi allí

Hola Todos!!!!  I'm having so much fun! Today was the last day before i get a latino companion so we went on a tour and i got to see some pretty sick stuff. 

First we went to the temple and it was incredible as usual but i had some pretty inspirational revelations. And now i just wanna learn spanish so i can teach better and better!

After the temple we went to this mountain and saw some incredible stuff. We could see the entire city!!!!! And there was some catholic church on the top with some incredible statues of Christ during the different phases of his life. I was pretty inspired by it.

So here's the picture of the city from above

When we were done there we went down into the city and went through a gold museum. It was pretty dope but we went pretty quick due to lack of time. 

Here's one of the pieces from the gold museum.

After that we went and bought jerseys of futbol teams and i picked alemania, the world cup champions. Everyone says i look exactly like them and that i could be on the team hahah!

I'm loving talking to the people out on the streets cuz they're all SO nice and i'm so happy to have been called here. Two more weeks and i'll be in Bolivia!!!!! Super exciting. 

I hope you're all doing well. I know the book of mormon and the temple are the two things that always lift me when i'm going through a rough spot because that's how i get good communication with God. I really feel closer to God out here on my mission. And I know that we all can feel closer if we change the things in our life that take us away from him and add the things we know will pull us closer. 

I love you guys!!!!! until 10 days!!!! 

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