Friday, January 23, 2015


Hola everyone! 

Yesterday was my first day out of the CCM!!!!! It was so scary and nerve racking!!!! Oh man i cant wait to share all the crazy stories! But first, the new Latinos came in 10 days ago and they're amazing! They're way more mature than the last group which is good in some ways but bad also hahahha! But, there's a lot from Bolivia which is sick cuz that's where i'm going and i get to learn more about Bolivia! 

One of them is like this huge gorilla dude and he sits by me and puts his arm around me and gives me like head rubs during the meetings and everyone says it looks like a gorilla protecting me, hahahaha its awesome. He's from Santa Cruz so i love him, were besties hahahahah! 

I get a latino companion in 5 days which is exciting but its gonna be hard cuz it will be all spanish from then on basically hahaha! Dang i'm pumped... Ok here's the exciting part! I went proselyting !!!!!!!!!!! So after we said a prayer we started walking and the first people we talked to were these three old ladies who were so cute and nice i was so glad. Then it just went uphill from there. We got around 20 contacts in 3 hours and i felt so good because almost everyone of them seemed legitimately interested and receptive. I really hope that the missionaries will find success with them. 

Especially this one guy that was INSANE looking!!!!! He had this giant red mohawk, and a super long jedi braid and the contacts that make your eyes look super crazy and piercings all over. And this one piercing in his neck that was really freaky hahahaha! But after the initial shock of his appearance we talked to him and he was SO receptive! We gave him a book of mormon and a couple pamphlets and a picture of Jesus. It was awesome and it was my favorite day on my mission so far cuz it was legit rather than fake investigators which are cool for practice but it just feels good to have real success:) 

The temple is incredible. I'm so thankful for the opportunity i have to go twice a week cuz i love it. Its such a great way to get closer to God and to become a better person! And reading the book of mormon is incredible because everything in it, all the stories and everything can be related to our lives. I just wanted to share my testimony that although we have so much going on in our lives with our iphones, school, work, whatever, its ALWAYS worth the sacrifice to get to the temple, read the book of mormon for an hour, go take the sacrament. Because these things are eternal. I love you guys!!!!

P.S. Me and my district did this super awesome game where we picked animals we would be for different things. So just for fun if you're interested here's the list of what they picked for me hahahah! :

Land animal- Giraffe
Water animal- Seahorse
Air animal- Flamingo
Mythical creature- Elf
Star Wars- C3P0
Lord of the Rings- Legolas
Hobbit- Legolas' Dad
Book of Mormon- Abenedai
Harry Potter- Lucious Malfoy
DC- Kid Flash
Villan- Joker
Super Smash Bros- Link
Celebrity- Shia LeBouf
Disney- The Candlestick from Beauty and the Beast
Video Game- Zelda
History- King Arthur
Greek god parent- Hermes

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