Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mi primer bautismo

This week was super great and to make my email short I´m only going to share the story of one day. Yesterday:

We had our baptism at 330 and we were eating lunch at 200. it was 300 already so we asked the father of the house to drive us to the church. We arrived at 320 and swept the room super fast and we realized that the font hadn't been emptied and refilled. So we called the bishop to ask how but he told us he wasn't going to be able to come but he told us that it takes 5 hours to fill the font so we just decided to use the dirty old water.

Then the person our investigator (Heidi Plata) picked to baptize told us he wasn't going to do it. So we were freaking out. We were really unprepared and no one was there, it was 345 and no one had showed up and there was something to do at 430. so i was super stressed and I felt so weak. We prayed together and I felt better but no one was there still. Not even the person we were going to baptize. When she showed up, all my doubt and fear and freakingoutness just left and i felt happy. She had a giant smile and a spirit with her. 

She was ready and this was the day for her baptism. So we told her she needed to pick someone else to baptize her and she picked me. At this point I felt super vulnerable and weak. But I realized that this isn't my work. She is here to be baptized to follow the Lord in her life. So I toughened up and got changed. Then when we were walking to take a picture I felt a peace with me. I was so weak cuz i was wearing a silly all white outfit, same with her, and we were unprepared, but in this moment, I felt more close to The Lord than all my mission. I was doing what pleased the Lord. It doesn´t matter about my weaknesses or how I look or what people think. Its about doing what pleases the Lord and following him. 

After being baptized she was asked to share her testimony and she shared her strong testimony then told us that she really wanted her family to come and to be there to witness her baptism. She started to cry. In front of everyone without fear, shame, being embarrassed, or holding back. She had our support. And she really experienced what Lehi experienced when he tasted of the fruit and wanted to share it with his family. 

This very night we visited with her family and invited her brothers to be baptized also and they accepted. Its so special to see her be baptized and to watch her example that will change her life and the life of her family forever. I know that the ordinances of the priesthood are what we need to do to follow the Savior and to be saved. We need to read the Book of Mormon and follow all it says to one day live in happiness with our families forever with a Joy that we still haven´t tasted.

Love you all
Elder Hilton

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