Monday, May 4, 2015

Todos Juntos Para Siempre

Hello my Friends and Family.

This week was pretty interesting because i was sick for like 5 days of it but it wasnt super bad. i just had a bunch of sleep and i couldnt stay awake in the lessons haha!

I learned a lot about the love God has for us this week. I was reminded of an experience i had in the ward activity where we had like little mini families and i was with Haley Ferguson. In the testimony meeting i remember feeling the spirit so strong. But it was a different spirit from normal. It was the spirit of charity of the love of God. I felt a potent love for my mini family in this activity. and while i was thinking of this in the sacrament i looked around and realized that were all a family. brothers and sisters. the children of God. and i dont have forever to be with them so i have a new motivation to love others this week. and also a new testimony of the gospel. because this gospel is all centered around the goal in mind which is families that will be together forever. and its possible through God. but the way is narrow and strict. I want to help all my brothers and sisters along this path to one day be with them forever.

This week is the cambios and I have a feeling I could be training a new Greengo. That would be really cool!!! But im just going to keep my hope subdued so i dont hope in vain haha!

Love you all!!!!<3
Elder Hilton

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