Monday, May 11, 2015

Enjoy Life

Sometimes I fear we have expectations that the good life is the life being led by someone else. The truth is that the good life is the life you have, for it is the only one you can lead. With God’s help, good cheer permits us to rise above the depressing present or difficult circumstances. … It is sunshine when clouds block the light.

Alma 13:13 says that we need to bring Christ fruits worthy of his Grace. But what could be a fruit, or something we could bring him, worthy of what he wants to do for us: Suffer for all we have ever done and give us all joy and peace. I don't think there is one. But all he is asking of us is a broken heart and a contrite spirit and from there we just follow him and bring more unto him and he will give us his Grace. Its incredible to me this gospel. How different of a people we are. But how happy we are and what joy we receive from what we do. I know that we all have struggles in life but if we keep our eyes fixed on Christ, the Book of Mormon, we learn that in the midst of all our trials and challenges, we can find the joy that Christ brings. I did an activity with the Quorum of Elders this week of a letter that I would send to my family if i only had 5 minutes left to live. And I would tell you guys to read the Book of Mormon. Make and keep covenants with God. and trust that all the joy and happiness with be ours one day and we will be able to live together in the happy state of those that keep the commandments.

I love guys so much and I'm so thankful for such a great familial and such great friends. The world is in a state where there is really really bad stuff but also really really good right now and we have the have the courage to live in the goodness in the light and we´ll be protected from whatever evil the world has to offer.

Most important. ENJOY LIFE!!!! You live among those you love and you have the opportunity to share such sweet experiences with them every day. Love you all and Ill be keeping you updated!!!

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