Monday, May 18, 2015

La mejor semana

This week was the best week of my mission so far! We found so much guidance and success in the spirit. It was the most humbling week and also the most successful. I believe that will always be the case that when were most humble we will have the most success.

Were hoping for our first baptism this week! When we were teaching her i learned a lot! that the lord puts things in our path that we cant do so that we will humble ourselves and rely on him then try again and hell give us success when we do it this way.

It was so nasty cuz i asked for the chicken but as a prank they brought out the tounge! normally its the part like far back of the tounge so it looks like normal meat but they gave me the part most recognizable. the tip. it was like eating my own toungue. it was nasty and it had tastebuds and everything hahahahaha!

Two of my favorite experiences this week
1. We werent sure of two dates to do the baptism so we prayed specifically about them and there was a DISTINCT diffence in my feelings of the two and i cant deny it. i had some doubts at first but i cant deny that i recieved an answer and it was the strongest answer to a prayer ive experienced
2. I got to teach someone that didnt believe in God and I tought him the same way ammon did by talking of a great spirit or energy that keeps everything in balance and that for us thats God and he can try talking to him and he´ll make himself manifest. it was really special and it helped me to know the spirit is all knowing and if we rely on it, it was show us the truth of all things. 

I wish you all luck. Keep reading the Book of Mormon every day and praying.
Elder Hilton

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