Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A super short long week

This transfer is filled with incredible memories of like 7 months but I feel like it passed in 3 days. But its really been 6 weeks! 

We have 3 people that are preparing to be baptized! one of them is a Bolivian that lived in America almost his whole life and we teach him in English. This was his first time coming to church and he bore his testimony. He is going to be an incredible missionary. I feel blessed to have been the missionary to teach him. His mom is very hard on him when he has attitude with her and it makes the visits dramatic. But it always ends up working out haha!

I was talking to my comp yesterday and I decided that when I get home I want to sit down with all my aunts and uncles and REALLY get to know them and share my experiences with them. I'm thankful for all you and I want you to know that I also have a testimony of the gospel. But that's in 1 more year haha!

We talk to everyone on the street now which makes the days SO fast cuz we end up getting into a lot more visits and making a lot more friends. I recommend it! Its fun!

I love Christ and I love this gospel.
Love you guys
Elder Hilton

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