Monday, September 14, 2015

New Comp

SOOO I got a new comp and I'm training for the first time! Hes super humble and has great desires to serve! He looks just like Mckay but the Latino version. hes my first Latino comp. This area is super tough cuz the houses are huge and they have the machines to just answer without coming to the door so they just say they're busy. Were looking for other ways to find investigators to teach. through members, family home evenings, were going to start a class to teach english cuz my comp knows it really well, were searcing ways, help us out with some Ideas!  i have to be honest, in this area the time goes by slower cuz its super strict. My comps old comp had a very strict attitude and never smiled so im trying not to get caught up in that. 

I'm really glad that you're able to handle everything dad and that you're not letting it destroy your faith. Im not letting it bother me or make me homesick or anything. Austin is my best friend so i hope hes doing good. Thats pretty crazy that it all got broken apart. I was reading my patriachle blessing and it describes my future family really well so im excited to form a family on the gospel and not let satan come and tear it apart. Im also excited to hang out with you and play some board game and go on some trips! ill be looking forward to that. Love you dad. Ill be looking forward to you package! Love you

Elder Hilton

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