Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 9th

This week 

I learned this week that I have a lot of changing to do internally to become the man God has in mind for me. I know that through patience and willingness to follow God and his commands, Ill be able to arrive to that point. The missions worn me out but I'm realizing each day that this is the point when God is going to be able to make big and long lasting changes in me.

I'm doing a lot of ward activities. I realized that if I want to get something done I just need to do it with all confidence and I'll be able to. We did a fireside with activities and not a lot of people came but each time we do one well have more people and eventually people will start to bring their friends and family to get to know the church and I feel that it will be a great way to find new investigators.

I want to be a more consecrated missionary and I know that only one person knows how I can be. God will help me to recognize how I can change to be a better more focused missionary. I'm willing to give up everything. But the only thing I fear is the loss of some friends. I don't want any of you to stop being my friends. I love you guys and you mean so much to me! 

I challenge you all to look up with the word ponderize then do it! :)

Elder Hilton

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