Monday, November 2, 2015

The Longest Week of My Mission.

I have no idea why but this week lasted FOREVER: I had parasites but I'm better now. It was scary. We carved pumpkins! They don't have that tradition here in south america so the latinos were super surprised when they saw a pumpkin with a face and candles inside. They thought it was like evil or something and thinking about it now, it is a pretty weird thing to do haha!

I learned something really important this week. That we don't LEARN patience or humility or charity. They're gifts that only God can lend to us if we search them and if we let him give us these precious gifts. I felt patient then I got prideful thinking like oh look at me and how patient I am. Then I lost my patience and I realized that they're just gifts.

I have a testimony and a conviction of the fact that Christ has established his church once again on the earth, and for all those that have God as number 1 on their list of priorities (by simply taking care of your family before anything else, completing your calling, being obedient, and taking steps of faith by sacrificing worldly things to follow Christ) God will forgive your sins and you will feel a real peace and hope in this life and you'll have a true faith that after this life, we´ll meet God and be with him. 

I invite you all to read a vision I had that a friend helped me to type up and learn the principles of the gospel from it. I you like it you can share it with anyone and use it to teach the gospel.

Love Elder Hilton

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