Monday, October 19, 2015

Mi semana favorita

I've grown in ways that I haven't imagined these last few weeks. God takes us in our weaknesses and trials, and through those that are true, does his work. I love being an instrument in his hands to bring people such a great joy in their lives of the Gospel. 

I've loved my time with Elder Vallejo, and feel like I've matured more in this time than any other time in my life.

This week was great contacting and finding new families that seem like they'll progress. A family came to church. I'm excited to keep working and hopefully set up some baptismal dates.

If God is the person we want to please most in our lives, including ourselves, he´ll always protect and guide us. I know that prayers are answered, maybe not in the way one expects, but in the way God knows will help us most. I know this life is tough, but its SO worth it. 

Elder Hilton

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