Saturday, November 5, 2016


When thinking upon the spiritual events that have occurred during the course of my youth, I feel peace, joy and virtue. I desire to continue living in such a way that I can always have these feelings with me. I recognize that even one thought, one decision, one desire can strip me of all that makes me happy. I need to be anchored on the source of all virtue, power and protection: my Savior.
Me and my comp with the board of the whole mission behind us

I can feel a difference in my energy level as a missionary in the offices with little time left on the mission. I´m striving even though at times I sense feelings of fatigue. My desire is to teach the gospel in such a way that the people that hear me can understand what they need to do in order to acquire peace in their lives. 

We found a house where 4 sisters live together. Three of them have their husbands. All of them are interested and said that they will go to church. That will determine if there is a possibility of me being present at the time of their baptism or not. I have a lot of hope for them to get to that point conversion during my last few weeks here.

Love you guys,

Elder Hilton

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