Saturday, October 29, 2016

A week of administration

It hurts to have to neglect my area for a whole week, but this week, we had to completely focus on the administration in the offices. It´s always like that every transfer. I have goals and plans and desires for my area but a lot of the time there's no time to get them done. 

This week we received the new missionaries (6 north americans, one from Chile, one from Peru, a sister from Brazil and a sister from panamá)

Taking the missionaries that ended their missions to the airport was a preview of whats going to happen to my group in one more transfer. We had some problems with the overweight luggage of one elder and I got a little stressed out. It kind of ruined the moment of saying goodbye to him due to my stress and worries. 

I´m really happy about my mission and I hope that many more miracles occur before I end.  Thanks for all your support and love, I know I´ll continue to receive it when I get home.


Elder Hilton

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