Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ask for miracles

I told my comp several times this week ¨I´m so trunky¨ 
But in the weekly planning inventory he told me that I´m not trunky because I still haven´t lost my vision of the work or my diligence.

That´s what I´m going to work at, not losing my diligence or my vision of my goals. I was going through my journal of all the mission and the most exiting stories that there are have to do with praying for miracles. 

Several times in the mission I've been able to pray for a miracle and promise that I´d write it down. In the night I've been able to think about the day and recognize several miracles. Big and small.
I did so once more yesterday with my companion Elder Valencia (From Perú) and something happened that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the prayer of faith. We now have several investigators that are going to come to church and one with a baptismal date.

My biggest goal for the rest of the mission is to baptize 3 families. I really hope it happens and know that it can if I work hard each day to gain it. As they said in the conference, we can´t pray to strip someone of their agency, but I can work hard to find the right people, the people that have been prepared, I can pray to be guided to say the right words and be guided by the spirit in word and action. 

I really want to come home with a purified heart. With a new attitude. With a desire to serve in my heart. That's the change I strive to see in myself and in my converts. 

Love you guys. 
See you in 8 weeks. 

Elder Hilton

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