Saturday, October 1, 2016

How to Be Busy and Love Others

The administration makes you naturally want to just make everything work out as we have it planned. But a good administrator is one that knows how to adapt to the needs of each individual and deal with it with patience and love. It provides a great opportunity to serve in a loving way. 

Sometimes we plan visits and we can´t get to them because of that. This week an Elder went home early because they discovered cancer in his abdomen, and a sister has an emergency transfer due to asthma. All those types of emergencies are to be delt with as soon as they appear and that makes it hard sometimes to get to the visits.

 But the good part is that we were able to invite some people to the General Conference and theyre going to come. One of our investigators came with us to visit his neighboor. 

My desire is to be completely prepared for a life of service in the gospel with an attitude of patience and love towards others. That´s why I´m grateful for this experience in the offices. It´ll be up to me to take advantage of this experience to learn and grow.

The Book of Mormon is the reason why I´m doing what I´m doing. This book has me convinced of the truthfulness of the existence of God, His Son Jesus Christ, the restoration of the church, and all it entails. 

Love you guys,
Elder Hilton

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