Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our Savior´s Love

I loved General Conference.
I loved how they talked about the Plan of Salvation and how everyone can recognize the truths of it.
It got me excited to talk to people about Christ as is taught in the Book of Mormon.
An apostle once said that due to the restauration, we know more about Jesus Christ than anyone.
David A. Bednar said that we need to know Christ to be saved. 
By reading the book of Mormon, accepting what it teaches and living it, we come to know him perfectly. If we come to know him, we come to know his Father... And this is eternal life: to know the Father. 

The restored gospel makes it possible for us to live all that is required to become like our Savior. 
Jesus Christ once said ´be perfect´ and the testimony that Nefi leaves in the Book of Mormon is that the Lord will not give us any commandments without preparing the way for us to get them done. We have the potential to become even as our Savior.

As we feel his love in our loves and show our love toward him, we become true diciples. We become full of his love and are transformed in sources of his love and help. It is a goal that requires you to leave your comfort. Talk to people you normally wouldn´t talk to, do things you normally would feel uncomfortable doing. But thats the beginning of growth. 

I´m starting to see in my life that my weaknesses are too much and too strong for me to handle on my own. I need to rely on my Savior in order to be strong. We all do.

I love my family and am excited to see them once more. I´m planning a meeting with all my friends that have gone on missions so we can share some experiences and hear eachother talk in our native languages. 

Thanks for you support love and prayers.
With all respect and love
Elder Hilton

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