Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Determining Factor

There´s only 3 weeks left of full proselyting (the fourth week we have transfers and in the offices there´s absolutely no time to proselyte in this last week) so if our investigators go to church tomorrow, there's a possibility of them getting baptized in my time left on the mission. If they don't come to church, my goal will be to prepare more people to come in order for the next missionaries that will replace me to baptize them. If they do come to church, my goal will be to prepare them for baptism. We´ll see what happens.

 I´m starting to understand the great importance of this work. Its completing many promises that the Lord has made with lots of old prophets. Enos, Mormon, Moroni, Jacob and many more. They all had faith and prayed that the Lamanites be restored and repent and now its happening.

This week me and my comp went on a 3 day long trip to Beni. There´s three cities in Beni. Trinidad, Riberalta and Guayaramerín. We went to all three so we have 3 pictures getting out of the planes of all three places.

In one of the pictures the little girl in the back posed hahahahaha

Love you guys!

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