Saturday, March 19, 2016

Forget yourself and WORK

This was a week that I wont remember because it went by WAY too fast! We have a family (Familia Paco) that is progressing really well and we have a lot of hope that they can enter into the gospel. They still haven't gotten an answer but they're going to keep reading and coming to church. 

We also met this crazy pastor guy that yells every-time he talks and gives us GIANT hugs every-time we see him and calls us disciples. Haha hes the best. Hes reading the Book of Mormon and is going to pray about it. He went to preach in some other place and will be back in a month or so. We´ll see how it goes with him. 

There's a lady that has recently left from the catholic church and now shes going to the evangelist church and was sure about it, but after hearing lesson one, shes a little confused but also excited to keep visiting and hearing more. I'm really excited for all these awesome people we´re teaching and I know that if I forget myself and lose myself in the work, I'll be so much more happy and I'll receive so many blessings.

I know that the Book of Mormon guides us and keeps us on the strait and narrow path. I know that if we try to be more constant with God, He´ll be more constant with us. I love Him and His work. 

Love you guys
Elder Hilton

Here´s a pic of this morning (Today is Bolivian Father´s Day and we went to the president´s house to make him breakfast)

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