Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father´s Day!

This week was full of trials and miracles for our investigators. One was in a really awesome family we had called the Manjon Aguilera family. They're really awesome and sincere. They progressed really fast and they loved the gospel and were excited for their baptism. But they passed through some really hard trials. They didn't want to receive us or go to church. They stopped reading the Book of Mormon in family. They didn't come to church. 

Manjon Aguilera Family
(the couple on the right with their kids sitting down)

One day they called us and said some good stuff in a really excited tone of voice. We didn't understand like anything but we were walking and we passed by them in the street! They were really happy to see us and I gave Erith a giant hug and Paola also wanted a hug but I just shook her hand hahha. They told us that everything had passed and that they were going to have their sons birthday with all the members that we had introduced to them and they were going around inviting everyone. Erith confessed that he had given into all the people telling him that he was catholic and a lot of other stuff. They want to be baptized as soon as possible. 

Lopez Family

We gave them to date of the 2nd of July. I know that God allows people to go through hard trials in order to strengthen their faith and edify them on his rock. 

I love going out with the families to contact their neighbors. We've been doing it a lot lately and its such a good way to find families and help them to progress well. The members become their friends and their source of support and answers for their trials and questions. I love working with them because we develop such a strong relationship with them and feel such an immense joy together in these families.

Araus Vargas Family
I love this gospel and I hope that in my life, I don't forget the sacrifices put into this restored gospel. These pioneers passed through so many trials to make it possible for us to live this gospel.

Love you guys

Elder Hilton

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