Monday, June 27, 2016

Una Semana Exelente

Due to all the birthday wishes, my email will be short this week. But thank you all for your love and support towards me. I feel like 20 is such an old age, but I do feel like I've grown a lot. Unlike a lot of other birthdays, I actually feel 20 years old.

I really loved this week. It was full of surprises. The biggest surprise was when the ward was talking about a ward temple trip, then an investigator rose her hand and said that she wanted to go. She said that she wanted to be baptized in order to enter into the temple and go. In order for that to happen, she would need to be baptized and confirmed on a Wednesday and that never happens. So my bishop called the president and asked him. We got the permission so she will be baptized and confirmed on the fifth, and on the sixth shell be heading out to the temple! :D Super exciting stuff.. :)

A few other surprises happened as well that I'll be explaining the next week along with the pictures. 

Love you guys!

Elder Hilton

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