Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July to all!

This week was a stressful one because me and my companion realized that if we continue to baptized families, even though they're prepared and converted, they aren't going to be retained unless we can help the ward to start working in unity. Because sometime trials come and we have to go and help them and keep them excited to participate in the activities and going to church on Sundays. But if they had more support from the ward, it would be so much better and I would feel a lot calmer when I leave from this area. I wont be thinking I wonder if they're still going to church, I wonder if the members are visiting them etc. So we starting working with the ward missionaries and were going to make a plan of action to have them visit the converts so that we can continue finding families and teaching them. 

The story of the guy in the picture that got baptized by the Bishop is really sad but also really good. His name is Ronald Lopez. He lived with his wife and kids when we found him. We used to teach the entire family. But a little more than a month ago, this marriage was put in jeopardy. She kicked him out and he found a room and rented it. He got permission to live with two of his kids, but the other three live with the mom. We visited both of them but separately. We did all we could to get them back together. But this is more than just a one time thing. Its 15 years of dysfunctional marriage. We were unable to heal the marriage. I'm not saying that they got divorced or that they're going to be divorced. But him and his two kids have progressed and gotten baptized, His wife has had a lot of problems progressing. Its been really sad to see how he has felt and really sad to see this family separate. But at the same time, its been such a miracle to see Ronald change his heart, his habits and his life to accept the gospel and start living the life that God has for him. He´s doing it well and he´s going to be a very powerful influence for the whole ward.

I love the gospel and I'm really grateful to have had parents who have raised me in the gospel. Its the only place with all the correct principles to live a life that pleases God and ensures a future with a fullness of joy in the presence of God. I was also thinking a lot about the resurrection of Christ a lot this week and I know that Christ was resurrected. I appreciate this testimony I've gained because knowing that we will all live again ensures that all the hard work we do as members (we plant the seeds that will be harvested in the next life) will be rewarded. But if I didn't know that we will live again, all the work we do would be in vain. We would be doing so much sacrifice and it would all be wasted. But I know that we will live again. My faith is in Christ and his resurrection. My hope is to have happiness in the eternities with my family in the presence of God.

I love you guys!

Elder Hilton

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