Monday, July 18, 2016

Time to Search

This week was a wake up call that we need to start contacting with the members a whole lot more. All the people that got baptized were able to do so due to the support and love of the members. We´ve been doing something called ´centros de fortaleza´ where we contact with the member and if one of their neighbors accepts, we take them to the house of the member and teach them there. They receive the support, testimony and friendship of the member and progress so well. But before we would just do it all by ourselves and it didn't work as well. I know that if we learn to love just as the Savior did, people will feel His love through our words and actions and that's what people need in order to progress in the gospel. This week we´re going to do a huge effort to find new people to teach. I really hope to find another family that can progress and accept the gospel.

Another thing that we need to do with urgently is make sure that the new members are getting the support they need. I hate to see the new members with doubts and difficulties. We havent seen a lot of that yet but I want to do all I can to support them when the hard times come, because they always do, and they are for our good, but its going to be easier if they have the love and support of the members and the ward missionaires.

These wards in Bolivia arent like the wards we have in Idaho. Theres not the same system of callings and order. It exists but they dont put it in practice as much as Ive seen it done over there. Im starting to see more and more that this system of order and callings and stuff exists for a reason and if they were put in practice, I would feel so much better knowing that the members would be recieving the help they need to be retained in the gospel. We cant be saved on our own. We need our Savior Jesus Christ, and we need the other saviors that offer support, help, testimonies, service, etc. We have the potencial to act as intruments in his hands, to act as saviors. 

I love this gospel, I cant wait to put it in practice in my own family, read the Book of Mormon with my own children. This gospel is so important for each and every person, and this is the time to learn it and live it.

Love you guys

Elder Hilton

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