Monday, July 25, 2016

Going uphill again!

We were able to find 3 new families that seem like they could progress really fast! We have to hope to help them to accept the gospel in its fullness and change their lifestyle to do so. They've already begun to read the Book of Mormon and find answers to their questions. Some have gone to ward activities and others to church on Sunday. I´m really looking forward to seeing each one of them progress and find more peace in their lives. 
Ronald Lopez has been called as the ward secretary! Máximo blessed the sacrament, and they're both going with the ward high priest to prepare to receive the Melquisedéc priesthood (That's how its spelled in Spanish, I forgot how it is in English). We´ve seen that all the converts have had trials and some are still having trials, but were doing all we can to help them and to get to members excited to help them as well. We´ve seen that they're able to overcome their trials and get pumped to keep living the gospel despite all that happens.

This week I learned in my studies that when someone starts to prosper in their life, they have two options, the options to keep reading and humbling themselves before the Lord and praying with a sincere heart, or get prideful and stop doing those basic things because of the comfort and riches. Sadly, a lot of people take the second decision and something really sad happens: When someone stops reading and praying, the light that allowed them to understand the gospel disappears and they enter into darkness and no longer understand the gospel. That gives room for the enemy to deceive them and make them believe false things about the church, the ordinances and the doctrines. 

These lies drive them away from the truth and pulls them towards the evil. Whats good becomes bad and whats bad becomes good in their eyes and they fall away. That's the saddest thing that can happen. I would hate to have that to happen to anyone. That's why I´ll invite you all to continue reading and praying. Don´t allow your prosperity, comfort and riches keep you from humbling yourselves before the Lord in sincere prayer. I promise that if you keep reading and praying every day, you'll be guided through all the tricks, deceit and lies of the enemy in a straight line to the eternal happiness. 

I love this gospel and know its true, I desire that each family can be united in it and experience the peace and happiness that He can provide. I'm super excited to get back to work to see if these families progress. 

Elder Hilton

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