Monday, June 13, 2016

The Best Two Days of The Best Two Years

We saw the miracle of Julia signing the permission for her daughter to be baptized and that in itself was a great miracle.
I know that the gospel allows us to participate in such a great and sweet joy. This doesn't come from any other source. The best moment this week was hugging Nestor after saying a prayer together thanking God for allowing us to work together for this incredible family.

A long time ago, like 2 months, Nestor Rojas starting his vacation from his work. We came to his house to propose the idea of contacting his neighbors to teach them in his home. We found the Araus Vargas family. Janeth was so prepared but her husband Maximo was tough. He didn't want to take us seriously. But with the help of the local members we were able to arrive to his heart, and he too changed. 

We then found Janeth´s sister Noemí. She was 17 so she needed the permission of her mom to be baptized. She LOVED hearing the gospel. She has read the Book of Mormon every day since the day we met. Sadly, the week of her baptism, we asked her mom for permission and she wouldn't sign, she started yelling bad words and getting really upset that we wanted to change her religion. But a miracle happened the day of the baptism. Noemí´s boyfriend came in from Santa Cruz and talked to her mom. Somehow he got her to sign. Not just that but her heart changed and now she too wants to listen to us and go to church. 

Its been such an incredible journey, and the best part was the night of the baptism in Nestor´s house. We were talking about the first day we met them. It was when he had started his vacation. Now it was the last day of his vacation and they were getting baptized. Nestor is a recent convert so its been something so exciting for all of us. We said a prayer together on our knees thanking God for such a joyful experience, and begging him to prepare more families so they can also participate in the gospel. We then hugged each other and... that moment.. was the most joyful moment of the mission until now. 

The relationship we formed the the Rojas family working together in this work. That's the most joy I've felt on the mission. I know that this is the work of the Lord here on earth. I love the gospel. I hope to be an instrument to help many other families to come to know the gospel.

After their wedding

Maximo and Janeth

On the left is the wife of Nestor, next to her squatting down is Nestor.
In the middle is the crazy mom of Noemí that didn't
 want to sign but her heart changed.
On the right the really tall guy is Noemí´s boyfriend who convinced Julia (Noemí´s mom) to sign.

Elder Moreno on the left, Elvis is the little guy who got baptized (son of Maximo)
and on the very right is Noemí.

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