Monday, September 12, 2016

A Sad Week

I got sad a lot this week. We saw a lot of people reject the gospel or hear slander from other people or get drunk and a lot of other things. There's so much wickedness in this world.

But we did a cool activity of cake. We got the members to deliver cake to their neighbors and invite them to hear us. Were going to do it again this week because a few new people came to church because of it this week and now there's more investigators. And these investigators are different than the ones we find because of the friendship that they have with the members. They feel the support and love of the members and progress a LOT better. 

Here's my home made animal style fries that I made hahaha
For the time I'm going to end with my testimony of the Book of Mormon. Because of this Book I know that Christ is real and that God exists. I know their plan for me and the steps I must take in order to achieve this plan. If it weren't for this book I would probably doubt the very existence of God. There's so many people that doubt the existence of God but if they read the Book of Mormon they wouldn't doubt it. 

Elder Hilton

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