Saturday, September 17, 2016

Secretary of the Mission

They called us for the cambios and we were sure that I was going to stay and that Elder Moreno was going to go. (I had the hope of training a new missionary) but they called and told us that Elder Moreno was going to stay (Hes going to be there for a year) and that I had to come to be the secretary of the mission!

Its been the craziest responsibility ever. We had to take all the missionaries that were going home to the airport to help them to get through all the processing and we were up all night! So I just slept last night after a really long time of no sleep. We got to be present in the last dinner with president and the last testimony meeting with the missionaries that were leaving so it was really special. The food was really good haha! 

I'm going to learn a LOT these last 3 months to be more responsible, more organized and more confident. I have the goal to help at least 2 more families to know the gospel so I´m going to have to learn to balance my time between the office and the field. I'm going to be focused and work as HARD as I can to finish off the mission. Then when I get home, I´m going to keep working hard to prepare myself to create a family. That's the whole purpose of this gospel, to create happy families. That what I hope for. 

Love you guys

Elder Hilton

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