Monday, January 18, 2016


I had the best week on the mission this week. Why? Because I forgot my personal interests and just worked to help the people in my area to come to Christ the best I could. There were two results: 

1. I forgot about myself, my worries, my life before the mission, my hunger, my thirst, how tired I was. All I wanted to do was work. And I was HAPPY I was sincerely happy. I just wanted to keep working and I didn't even realize that today was Pday!

2. The Fruits: 19 investigators in sacrament meeting. 8 with a baptismal date. And I'm making friendships that I'll never lose.
Now I know how important it is to recognize that God has given me this blessing. If I continue to work with humility and diligence, then God will continue to bless me and the people around me. Read Alma 26. That's how I feel :D 

I love you guys and I share this with you because I know that the joy that God gives us in this work is so great. And its available to you as well. All it requires is that you work. That you forget yourself and serve your brothers and sisters so that they may be healed spiritually by being baptized and by being active. I invite you all to search one missionary experience this week and share it with me next monday. 

I love you all

Elder Hilton

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