Monday, January 25, 2016

Get lost in this work

Where does true happiness come from?

For me it comes in harmony with God. When I know that Im good with Him, I feel at peace, and even if there are problems here on earth, I have the peace to know that Im ok with Him. 

Can we help someone to know the gospel if we dont love them? 
I dont believe so because I feel SO MUCH love for my converts. And Ive taught people before without loving them and they never got baptized. 

Im really happy because this neighboorhood super far out is full of families that want to know the gospel. Theres 9 families that arent memebers and theres 6 families that are either less active families or families of converts. Were going to send a bus out there this sunday to pick them all up! Its going to be the best to see them there! :D

I love you guys and I hope you know that I have a testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and I desire that EVERYONE has it in their lives. And I know that the only way to share it is to live it. SO LIVE IT AND LOVE IT!!!:D 

My first convert is turning in her papers to go on the mission!!!! The joy I feel from hearing that strengthens my testimony of the truthfullness of this work. I know that this way, we will be able to live in harmony with God and with eachother forever with those that are perfected in Christ through the covenents in the church that are administered by the very power that Chirst posseses. The power of the priesthood. One day we will be formed and perfected until this power flows through us even as it flows through our Heavenly Father as he creates planets and spirit children. This is the way to obtain the true happiness, only through Him, Jesus Christ.

In order to know if this is true and start walking the path to arrive there, the way that has been prepared in this day is to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. We were visiting with an investigator that had already visited with Elders a lot of times and my comp felt the impression to invite her to pray right then and there. And we all got on our knees and she asked if these things were true... we all felt a very strong and peaceful feeling. When it was time to go I commented that I didnt want to get up and leave still because of the peace that I was feeling, and everyone sat there for a minute in agreement and then we got up and left. I invite anyone who still doesnt feel sure about these things : The Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, The Church, to pray and ask God if these things are true, and if you do so with faith, you WILL recieve a witness and thats how youll start your journey on the path thats been established by Christ to come back to the presence of your Heavenly Father.
I love you guys, have a good week.

Elder Hilton

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